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  1. I use the shelf at the LGS.
  2. 1957 Royal Easter Show Moore Park. Wood chopping event. Still love to watch the wood chopping events.
  3. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, often confused with the Australian Cattle Dog, was developed to develop the cattle industry in early Australian conditions. Unlike the Australian Cattle Dog, the difference between them is that the Stumpy Tail has no Kelpie blood. The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is the result of years of selective, careful breeding. It is not a variety of the Australian Cattle Dog but a breed in its own right. The image ( black and White) It is thought that a drover named Timmins crossed the Dingo, with its high intelligence and hardy nature, with an English breed of dog called the Smithfield, one or both of which may have been naturally bob-tailed. The results were red bob-tailed dogs known as Timmins Biters because of their headstrong habits and hard bites. The progeny from these dogs was probably crossed with the Blue Merle Smooth Collie, which exhibited stronger obedience and a gentler personality to produce what we have today – the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog – considered by many farmers and drovers as the best herding dog breed in the world. The principal requirement was a robust biting dog capable of mustering and moving wild cattle. The long distances to be traveled made it essential that such a dog possesses excellent stamina. Although there is still some disagreement about the actual breeds used, it is generally thought that the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog developed chiefly from cross-breeding a Dingo and the Blue Merle Collie.
  4. @Alpo I'd never heard of them before.
  5. Thanks Von Dutch, appreciated mate.
  6. How do you they regulate hi cap mags as there are no serial numbers on them? In my State here in Australia we are limited to 10 round mags and they have to be not just crimped to stop at 10 rounds but to be legal they have to be 'not easily' converted to hicap mags.
  7. 2.00pm on the 1st here now. Wow....there where some fireworks last night....we ended up with three dogs in our bed trying to calm them (which was pretty hopeless) and they just shivered and shaked all night....last fireworks we heard was around 5.00am. Happy New Year to all my pards on the Wire.
  8. Do you get these (Moth) stick cocoons in the U.S?
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