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  1. Gonna need a bigger can of Mortein. An Aussie homeowner has discovered this 1.5m wasps' nest on their bathroom wall.
  2. Shame.....all that theft eventually causes all of us to pay more to cover it. There's only 25m Aussies yet there is around $12b in theft from retail per annum.....looks like our convict heritage hasn't completely died out.
  3. The system will be bypassed and hacked by some smart person and then spread on the internet How To's
  4. My nephew was in Afghanistan and Australia lost 46 servicemen there and I find your comments really offensive - OPERATION SLIPPER, Kandahar: AUSTRALIAN Army Captain Cooper Dale is playing a leading role in re-writing the book on artillery operations and air space safety with the Afghan Army.Captain Dale, 28, from Mollymook in New South Wales, is the key Australian Joint Fires Advisor at the Australian-led 205th Corps Coalition Advisory Team at Kandahar, Afghanistan for Operation SLIPPER.The artillery officer advises an Afghan Army Colonel who has pioneered the first fully functional and operational Afghan Tactical Air Coordination (ATAC) unit in Afghanistan.He said the ATACs coordinate close combat attack support to the Afghan Army and deconflict airspace to ensure the safety of commercial and military aircraft across Afghanistan.“In Afghanistan I am the Fires Advisor to the Head of the 205th Hero Corps Artillery Chief and I advise him on the training, employment and development of approximately 500 ANA gunners and the artillery capability as a whole,” he said.“In Australia I am a Joint Fires Observer and coordinate artillery, naval gun fire and Close Air Support to support ground manoeuvre.“I am lucky as all artillery soldiers around the world have an unbridled respect and enthusiasm for gunnery.“The relationship between myself and my counterpart is excellent because of this shared interest in artillery.“We are having a good effect on their capability through the provision of training and artillery has been successfully used by the Afghan Army against the insurgency without any ISAF assistance - this is a good result.”The former Milton Ulladulla Bulldogs – Rugby League player (1992-2000) and Kings Old Boys Rugby Union Club 2005-2007 joined the Army after working at CB Richard Ellis in South Sydney as a sales and leasing negotiator in the metro division.He said his rare days off in Afghanistan are much different to home where he surfed each weekend and during the summer holidays at Mollymook Beach.He returns home just before Christmas, and is looking forward to seeing family, taking his wife skiing in Colorado and also to having a beer at the Berry Hotel.“There are still people in Afghanistan working hard to secure the future of this country and we provide daily support to the ANA 205 Hero Corps that is fighting and winning in southern Afghanistan and holding the strategically important city of Kandahar.“Afghanistan it is still a dangerous environment where you have to be on your guard at all times.”CAPT Dale is one of about 400 Australian personnel who are based at Kabul and Kandahar, Afghanistan to support the ISAF train, advise and assist mission.
  5. No no no ..... that's part of the dining experience.....it's to show that it was grass fed
  6. I wouldn't ever touch one though - The platypus, renowned as one of the few mammals that lay eggs, also is one of only a few venomous mammals. The males can deliver a mega-sting that causes immediate, excruciating pain, like hundreds of hornet stings, leaving victims incapacitated for weeks.
  7. Larsen....thanks for the photos of your Ruger tour.....terrific mate!!!!
  8. In the 1940s, Australian William McArthur 'invented' the splayd after seeing women struggling to juggle food and cutlery at parties. His design went into mass production and became the utensil du jour. Nearly five million splayds were sold in 52 countries until they fell out of fashion in the 1980s.
  9. Appreciate all the replies one and all....thank you kindly!
  10. G'day fella's I bought a new Ruger SR1911 .45acp and need some advice. I've tried for a while to get into the Wild Bunch Forum (heaps of help from PWB who is a credit to this forum and SASS as a whole) but still no luck and have sent two emails to admin and still also no luck. So hope this is ok to post here just to get some help. Got the pistol, bought brass (LPP) and dies, looking at getting 230gr round nose projectiles (Hi-Tek coated). Are 230gr recommended? What's a good powder charge to have the pistol cycle well? Any other hints or tips? Here's a pic of the pistol -
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