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  1. Masters of the Air Recommended to watch this if you can, right up there with Band of Brothers & The Pacific https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2640044/?ref_=tt_urv
  2. Lottery in Australia as well, if your birthday number was drawn off to Vietnam.
  3. ADI (Australian Defence Industries) have dropped (AS30N) - Clays and (AP70N) - Universal and have replaced them with the below......but unfortunately since they have they have been virtually none existent to purchase - https://www.ssaa.org.au/?ss_news=new-pistol-and-shotgun-powders-from-adi
  4. Yes Alpo always been called Joeys......any baby from a marsupial is known as a Joey.
  5. Further to Marshal Mo Hare's Australian WWII thread yesterday - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fremantle_submarine_base#:~:text=During the war%2C 127 US,416 patrols during the war. "For a short time towards the end of 1942 the major Submarine Force was based in Brisbane. Over the period 1942-45 both Royal Navy and U.S. Navy were active from Brisbane into the Pacific Ocean and beyond. U.S. submarines undertook 60 war patrols in 1942, another 60 in 1943, 39 in 1944, reducing to 2 in 1945. During the war in Western Australia, 127 US submarines operated from Fremantle, carrying out 353 patrols. Additionally, ten Dutch submarines also operated out of Fremantle and, from August 1944, British submarines also started operating from the base. Altogether, submarines based in Fremantle accounted for 416 patrols during the war". Some excellent reading I can highly recommend are - Sink 'em All - Charles Lockwood Wahoo - Dick O'Kane Thunder Below - Eugene Fluckey Clear the Bridge - Dick O'kane
  6. I think the same thing, we had young soldiers, sailors & airmen fighting in Vietnam (a lot drafted) and the Australian university 'pink lefties' started something that really never went away. At school we saluted the flag every morning, we all new our national anthem etc etc......most all that has been done away with.
  7. Pretty much all of Oz is suffering heatwaves at the moment.
  8. Well that's bloody good news, I hope this isn't scuttlebutt!!!! Here's a list of Aussie made powders that are marketed in the U.S under the right hand column - Trailboss - Trailboss AS30N - Clays AS50N - International AP70N - Universal AP100 - IMR SR4756? AR2205 - H4227 AR2207 - IMR4198 AR2219 - H322 Benchmark 2 - Benchmark BM8208 - IMR8208XBR AR2206H - H4895 AR2208 - Varget AR2209 - H4350 AR2213SC - H4831 AR2217 - H1000 AR2225 - Retumbo AR2218 - H50BMG AR2210 - H322
  9. A coupla' Aussies that I really enjoy their channel - https://www.youtube.com/@markandsamafterwork
  10. Anyone using Vihtavuori N330 for .38 Special 125gr pill for Single Action?
  11. Cholla is this Australian made Trail Boss?
  12. Captain James Cook statue near St Kilda Beach in Melbourne sawn off and vandalised one day before Australia Day https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/captain-james-cook-statue-near-st-kilda-beach-in-melbourne-sawn-off-and-vandalised-one-day-before-australia-day/news-story/59ea7ee48d3cee2a18af87e45bea3f60
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