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  1. Only with a prohibited weapons licence.....and of course a fee.
  2. And the older you get....the more bloody frustrating they get.
  3. And they reckon recycling is 'new' !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Damn that would have been cool as a kid !!!!!!
  5. Those vegemite glasses are long gone from supermarket shelves because there not 'tamper proof' (can you believe there is such a thing we have to be worried about). Some jam brands used to come in jars that turned into glasses as well....they've gone as well. How things have changed since we were kids huh? Even clothes....as a kid most of my clothes fit in a draw......now kids have walk in wardrobes!
  6. They were pyramid shaped and you ripped one corner offthe packaging off with your teeth.
  7. These were popular.....they wouldn't be culturally acceptable now though probably
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