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  1. I'd be in for one, maybe two depending on price. Lunar Tic Pete
  2. What type of payment do you prefer? Electronic, money order? Thanks, Pete.
  3. If you can't find any, the 50 Alaskan can be trimmed to the length you need. That's what I use for my 50-95. Works great. Happy shooting, Pete.
  4. By reading these posts, it looks like "Dave has the stuff, man!!" Made me chuckle when I read the thread. It's always nice to end a Friday with a smile. Thanks, Pete.
  5. Howdy Jeb, I'll take 2000 of the 38 special. What type of payment do you accept? Thanks, Pete.
  6. Hi Jonny T Sass, If you get any more of these, please let me know. Thanks, Pete.
  7. Hi Outlaw Gambler, If Jonny T Sass passes, I'm interested. Thanks, Pete.
  8. Hello Cobra Kid, What color is shirt #6? Thanks, Pete.
  9. Robyn, You can ship ammunition through UPS. Their website has a "how to ship ammo" section. It's not as hard as some people think it is. Pete.
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