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  1. Hi. Stoney still no sign of the boots can you please send me the tracking number. Being it’s now 3 weeks did USPS lose the shipment?
  2. Could have used the power drop over the scale tray but guess I wasn’t fast enough on the draw there....
  3. I’ll take the long gun covers for the cart! Send me info for where you’d like the gold sent
  4. Which camera option? Twin, Stand alone, or 360 (guessing its this one). and what did it all come with? Assuming the stand was extra?
  5. I'll take the Wah Maker vest (plaid design, and the grey)
  6. Beyond cool camera set up you got there. Might have me looking at the next newest investment... Be interested in what all you used if your willing to share your ways.
  7. Spring loaded parts that one loses every time you clean them..?
  8. Not saying Wet wont take the timer but I'll take it if he passes. Or if you have another I'm interested in that one.
  9. Would offer you to send it to my store if you were up closer to SJ Seymour. But if you do need some sent in I'll be going to the Western Regional in SLO, don't mind carting it to you then. But yes Dusty i find "used" brass for sale on gunbroker and thats what I've been using. (so far so good)
  10. I’ll grab those snaps if they are still for the takin!
  11. I'll take both books and the belt for $65 if that works for you.
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