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  1. Howdy! Pockets are real! This vest is of the highest quality Silk and real Pearl buttons! Including the one inside that fastened the two sides together! Thanks for the interest Wes
  2. Fully understand, to be honest it would be for me too! LOL
  3. Clay, I have one that is currently on Gunbroker, a Colt pre 70s commander (circa 1953) a bit of a collectible, and its in excellent condition GB#895852097 Its been my carry for over 20 years, but due to retirement and health it’s got to go! good luck with your search! Wes
  4. The following vests were custom made for me by Yvonne Venturino, Bozeman Trail Tailoring (wife of the writer Mike Venturino) they all are made of the topmost material silk, wool and polished cotton available from either Pendleton wool mills or Britex Materials San Francisco,(supplier to custom tailors world wide) These are as fine as you can find anywhere! They are all 42-44” chest measurements, with original vintage buckles to adjust across back! All have a double thickness back! All are square cut on bottoms of vests no points! Sorry As I am not very technical oriented I didn’t realize how
  5. Thanks so much for the comments, yes it’s been one heck of a ride, met some fabulous folks and have the best memories! It has been very hard to step back! But as I am 78 and have had 11 surgeries in 3yrs!!! Well you get my drift! Via Con Dios Kid
  6. I am so sorry about this, The inseam is about 31” to 32” depending if you have a lower waist measurement! And how high you wish your pants to ride with suspenders!
  7. This outfit was custom tailored for me out of Pendleton Mills wool, with polished cotton lining from Britex ,a custom seller of fine material for tailors in San Francisco, CA, in both jacket and pants. The pants have a Cabretta leather saddle back, and both are mounted with silver conches, the coat on the back pleats, the pants on the split style leggings. The pockets on jacket are false not usable. Pants are equipped with suspender buttons of same style as pants closure(fly) The pants closures on cuffs are made to button down all the way or not. See pics The jacket is for a 42-44” ches
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