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  1. I am in need of a really good gunsmith to fit a new bolt and time an old original Colt Pre-war single action for a young friend! This Colt belonged to his deceased dad, who was a very good friend of mine! He lives in the tri-cities area of southern Washington state, but would consider sending it out if absolutely necessary! Thanks in advance for all the help! Wes
  2. Griff, it is a real pleasure to talk to you again like old times! We live up in the Panhandle of Idaho, Coeur d Alene, my email is sass36life@yahoo.com if you feel like dropping me a line! Almost moved to Texas (Pearson/New Braunfells) after I got hurt, but ended up here. best to you and yours! Wes
  3. Griff, Oh my God! Was I ever that young! I am second from left next to Jim “Rio” Dunham, that picture reads left to right Carl Ontis (now deceased I believe),myself Dennis R Mader James Butler Hickok, Jim Dunham,Frank Leaman Texas Jack Omundero (deceased’s)kneeling, Paydirt? Then you,, last is Mike Devlin (deceased) Buffalo Bill) what a time we had.
  4. This entire article made my heart swell from all the memories and the greatest people ever, both those that have gone on beyond the great divide and those still with us! SASS has and will always be one of the greatest parts of my life! Thank you all for your contribution to this fantastic trip down memory lane! Wes Terner SASS #36 life aka James Butler Hickok (first 10 years of SASS) former member of the Wild Bunch
  5. Thanks Warden, I know of Bill and I also want to have him do some work! My young friend was hoping not to have his Colt shipped! sooo!
  6. Howdy all I have new young SASS shooter that is in need of a reliable gunsmith for work on an original Colt that has a broken bolt! Would appreciate someone in the tri-city area of southern Washington state. This Colt was his deceased fathers in excellent shape just needs the bolt fitted correctly! Thanks partners Wes Terner SASS #36 life
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