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  1. This whole thing just shows the ineptness of the ATF , or AFT as Brandon calls them
  2. But they can pass gun control laws at break neck speed when they want to
  3. I’ve never really seen any bad reviews on line but I guess you can go to YouTube. Someone has to have tortured one and I’m sure there’s lots of reviews
  4. Zero personally, but the couple of people I know that have purchased them like them. They seem to be a good value for the price. Allot of good guns coming out of Turkey these days
  5. It certainly was a ground breaker and set new standards. There’s probably more durability testing videos out there using the glock than any other gun . The only other gun out there with more aftermarket support is the 1911 and I’m not sure that would be true today if it wasn’t for the popularity of the 2011.
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