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  1. Selling a couple of rifles due to getting into cowboy shooting and trimming back on another.Upgraded PTR-91 GIR (Bill Springfield Trigger) Details: I just bought and built this PTR for the purpose of shooting the hell out of it but I had not had a chance, very new rifle heavily upgraded and in great shape.* Located in East PA (Milford) $1100 This package is the ideal build for a PTR-91, smooth trigger, built in bipod, easy charge handle for the HK slap.* RIS for your preferred optic.CLICK FOR MORE PICTURES Used rifle, there has been only 40 rounds of ammo through this rifle 4 months old and has only been fired once.** MINT CONDITION*Check the pictures!* I took as many as possible to help with answering condition questions. Upgraded Hk21 extended charge handle, much easier to handle. Upgraded New not surplus Bipod Wide Handguard OD with RARE matching Bi-Pod Upgraded Bill Springfield 4.5lb Trigger pack - The best trigger pack you can get for a HK91 or PTR. Upgraded Titanium firing pin 4, 20 round magazines Paypal (F&F) Money Order, Certified Check, or Cash on person at my FFL, Dingmans Range, (Dingman PA) Will ship FedEx ground Cheers, Johnny Prince Also have a Michaels Machine HK11, I am thinking of parting with. Message if curious.
  2. I might give that a shot. Going to run them both through some rounds next week and see how they do.
  3. Okay. I will offend some and make others happy. I went with 45L. T&C Schofields.. got them in 24 hours at a good price. I appreciate all the feedback, excited to get these out for a shot! Thanks for all the feedback.
  4. I am sure I will end up reloading, just probably after I get settled a bit!
  5. Yeah being competitive is not a top priority as I will only really go to local games. More about dressing up and shooting fun guns! I like the idea of using 45 Schofield. And than using 45 colt in the rifle. I would get a matching pair for sure. Maybe eventually get some trigger and action work.
  6. I know all the pitfalls of Schofields, but I have dreamed of having one. I have heard a lot of debate and wanted to make a call on the caliber. I do not foresee myself loading in the next few years. So ammo price is a factor. My understanding is: 45colt is more expense but it would make the pistol lighter. I have fired one in 45, but have no comparison. I assume the recoil difference is nominal due to the weight (assuming cowboy loads of course). 38spl is cheaper and may have less recoil, but would it really make the pistol that much heavier? I will match my rifle to the pistol caliber so I am factoring this as well. All advice is appreciated and will be considered.
  7. Yup, but it works well this year as it gives me time to get my poop in a group. But yeah I am used to the winter ruining my hobbies..
  8. Went out and had a great time, ran a course which was a hoot! Now to start spending money...
  9. Excellent! I will be out on Sunday.
  10. I have a nice hat being made now!
  11. I moved here recently, I did not realize they were SASS.. but heck I didn’t even know about SASS. I will have to try to go to one of their western days next year as I will not be ready for the next one unfortunately. I don’t know any members there yet. I have been stuck at public ranges.
  12. I will look into the list you attached!
  13. There was a number below.. thought that was a dummy for new members.
  14. If this is not allowed please delete. I am using my phone and couldn’t see that I was breaking any rules. I am excited to see this exists. I am not a member yet but stumbled into this. I grew up doing civil war reenactment with my father and I currently do Milsim games and a very accurate modern German KSK impression. I will be honest and say I stumbled into this by putting together a Halloween costume and very quickly getting sucked into the gear, details, etc. Now I am considering actually purchasing a pistol or two and giving this a shot. (No pun intended)... I need another expensive hobby that will confuse me wife! Are there any active members around Milford, PA?
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