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  1. Yup, but it works well this year as it gives me time to get my poop in a group. But yeah I am used to the winter ruining my hobbies..
  2. Went out and had a great time, ran a course which was a hoot! Now to start spending money...
  3. Excellent! I will be out on Sunday.
  4. I have a nice hat being made now!
  5. I moved here recently, I did not realize they were SASS.. but heck I didn’t even know about SASS. I will have to try to go to one of their western days next year as I will not be ready for the next one unfortunately. I don’t know any members there yet. I have been stuck at public ranges.
  6. I will look into the list you attached!
  7. There was a number below.. thought that was a dummy for new members.
  8. If this is not allowed please delete. I am using my phone and couldn’t see that I was breaking any rules. I am excited to see this exists. I am not a member yet but stumbled into this. I grew up doing civil war reenactment with my father and I currently do Milsim games and a very accurate modern German KSK impression. I will be honest and say I stumbled into this by putting together a Halloween costume and very quickly getting sucked into the gear, details, etc. Now I am considering actually purchasing a pistol or two and giving this a shot. (No pun intended)... I need another expensive hobby that will confuse me wife! Are there any active members around Milford, PA?
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