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  1. 2 hours ago, Warden Callaway said:


    I don't want to cheat Smoking Dave out of a sale but it looks to me like a tapered stick and a tapered hole.  But there are at least two places to buy them ready made.



    Here is a link to the ones made by Capandball guy 




    Found a third on flea-bay





    Thanks for the links...FYI the first one comes from Budapest, Hungary.  The second one comes from the good ole USA.  


    Lots of good ideas and advice on this post.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Chief Rick said:

    Check with Cole Trigger with the Deadwood Marshall's.


    He may be doing something during Louisiana State at the end of the month.


    I did and he doesn't but wants to do one soon.

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  3. I've got a question about this.  I've seen that there is a way to load the powder, wad and ball in a piece of flammable paper (like rolling papers) then all you have to do at a match is press it into the cylinder.  Is this not true?  I would think that back in the day they would've had a quick way to reload during a fight.

  4. 14 hours ago, Tn Tombstone said:

    This is part of a post I do while we travel out to BorderTown.

    How will you top it next year? No idea how you all can but I would bet odds that you manage somehow.


    Tombstone I think the only way that I'm going to come in first for the "Pink" contest is if I come wearing a negligee with pink fish nets and stiletto heals.  Don't laugh, I've got the legs for it :P

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  5. Bought one at the TN State match and it saved my bacon.  I use a shell checker when I reload, but I decided to check the shells before I put'em in my belt and sure 'nough found 4 that had swelled.  Used the resizing side and got them back to size.  Great tool to keep on the cart, I'd strongly recommend it this quality tool.

  6. To everyone - I had a GREAT time here and I'd like to thank y'all for making me feel welcome and for running such a fun match.  I'd also like to thank Tennessee Williams and Tennessee Tombstone, posse 10 Marshal and Assistant Marshal, for the outstanding job they did.  


    I hope to see everyone next year if not before.

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  7. I found that if you ask in the For Sale forum that you need clothing (what type and size) some good pard out there will help you out.  Just about everything I wear I bought used on the forum.  The other plus is that you talk to some great cowboys.

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  8. Anyone know if/when there'll be an RO2 class in the either the South East Region or Louisiana?  I live in Southern MS so I'm hoping there might be one in the lower South.  




  9. Now that sounds like fun!  I can do the grass skirt, just don't ask me to wear coconuts for my moobs.  If I did that I'd scare little children and those with weak constitutions. :lol:

  10. On 10/6/2019 at 1:27 PM, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    However, Hubby has plans for cameras.



    I'm too much of a gentleman to say what came into my mind.  LOL

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