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  1. A minute and a half is just one stage for me.
  2. Agree with you there. As a long time claims adjuster I can tell you that one of the top targets of burglars are firearms. Also most homeowners policies have a $1000 coverage limit on firearms.
  3. So are these the three click Ubertis while the older version is four clicks?
  4. MSRP is $609 stock, tuning is $146 extra. Buds has them untuned for $511 but you would have to pay shipping.
  5. That's an anachronism. Revolvers are a type of pistol. The term pistol (or pistolet in French) has been used to refer to handguns since the 1500s.
  6. So what did you get? Post a picture when you get them. Congratulations!
  7. You just missed a free shipping special from Georgia Arms. Sign up for their newsletter and watch for their next shipping deal. I use the 125 gr. 38 specials, $250 for 1000 rounds. I have found I cannot beat their price even with shipping. No issues with quality and turnaround is quick. Yes I know reloading will be much less expensive but that is not for me right now. I am working full time and have a house full with no place to work in peace.
  8. Is your SASS badge number really in the 127K series? I just joined in December and my badge starts with 108. Have we added 19,000 new members in a month?
  9. I too am new and although people were willing to share, I prefer to have my own gear. I had to buy everything but I was able to get several good used items from the classified wire and I bought my new Smoke Wagons in person from Taylor's when they had their big sale at the end of November. All in I am ready to shoot for just under $2500. The expense is nothing to sneeze at and the forum veterans usually direct newbies toward "race ready" guns that are really expensive. I am new to Cowboy Action but not new to guns. I am here to have fun and doubt that I will ever out run stock guns.
  10. Hello. I joined the forums using the handle Ramblin' Randy before I had my official SASS alias which is Fightin' Chance. Could you please change my user name for me to Fightin' Chance? I would appreciate it.


    Thank you.


    Randy Fletcher alias Fightin' Chance SASS # 108008.

  11. The 16" holds eight rounds. You need the 20".
  12. I got mine from J-M Leather $40 for six shell, $45 for eight shell.
  13. I believe the Grizzly Paw is the same gun as the El Patron but is fitted with checkered Army grips. Look for reviews of the El Patron.
  14. More than your target price but there is a nice pair on this forum https://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/282830-new-year-safe-cleaning/
  15. A pair of .38's and a sxs for under $1300. Wow!
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