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  1. Thanks again for the info. I figured that any normal hex head screw would not work due to the head diameter and height of the socket. It would have to be a custom after market part designed fit this application. I will probably just go with the available slotted screws found at EMF and most of the parts suppliers found on the inter-webs. I will check with the suppliers you guys gave me and if anything usable comes up I’ll let everyone know. Both revolvers ran flawlessly today so i only cleaned the barrels and cylinders this evening leaving the interals alone.
  2. Thanks to all of you for all your replies. The reason for the emergency tear down was one revolver just stopped making noise and smoke. Light primer strikes indicated a loose mainspring screw or crud slowing the hammer. Moose milk and re-tightening the mainspring screw fixed the issue. Fortunately i had my Brownells Magna screwdrivers with me so I could finish the match. Easy to find slotted replacement screws and infrequent tear downs should solve most of my issues. I’ve only shot two matches and I’m also a newbie to black powder revolvers. I haven’t been finding anything inside the action to warrant frequent disassembly, but was concerned about crud and corrosion. It seems as I have been overly worried about a non issue, but I did gain the knowledge of how to quickly repair a stoppage.
  3. I have exhausted my Google-foo skills at searching for hex head screws to replace the backstrap/trigger guard screws for my EMF GWII Alchemista revolvers. Due to shooting black powder I have to disassemble them often which wears down the soft factory screws. I had a malfunction last week and had to quickly tear down/fix/reassemble one between stages and the screws didn’t receive the TLC they deserved during the heat of battle. I could order new slotted ones but these being working guns (not museum pieces) I would prefer something more durable. Any ideas for sources for hex head screws?
  4. I’ve been using one part Ballistol mixed with four parts water (20% solution) for cleaning American Pioneer Powder with great results.
  5. Howdy Cholla, I’m having the same issue with my new CZ. I didn’t think of using lapping compound but that might better show the wear areas that need to be smoothed with a polishing stone. Cleaning and numerous open/closing cycles haven’t helped a bit so far. Tater
  6. Howdy Partner, It was a pleasure meeting you and watching you shoot this morning. I must say your belt looks better in person. The pictures don’t do it justice. It seemed to be very functional in both speed and security. DIY craftsmanship all around. Job well done.
  7. Hi there Ramblin. Uncle Tater here. I must have clicked the submit button a second before you did. I just got my tin star with #108007 on it.  I’m looking forward to meeting and shooting with a few good folks as well as picking up a few new toys.

    1. Ramblin Randy

      Ramblin Randy

      Welcome to you too. I'm #108008 and my wife is #108009.

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