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  1. Lighters are nice, but I’d rather have a flamethrower. Sorta similar.
  2. I’m sorry for the loss of your co-worker.
  3. I talked to a professional who said expect tax hikes everywhere.
  4. It’s prepping me mentally for the a windows Outlook upgrade.
  5. Thank you! It was a fixer-upper when we bought it. It was built in 1990.
  6. In Texas, what started as Polish jokes were converted to Aggie (Texas A&M) jokes, told mostly by Aggies.
  7. The producers already did that in the 2004 version of movie, “The Alamo”.
  8. I ‘counterpoint’ with friends that are socialists on FB. It’s incredible how these swallow the bait. I can’t help it, but I never call people names. The blatant lies they tell.
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