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  1. I have a coonskin cap, actually.
  2. Sorry. I thought this thread was about the UPS truck drivers.
  3. My wife has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. When it thunders, he scurries to me and insists I hold him. My wife hates it that HER dog would rather be with me.
  4. Sherlock Holmes kept his pipe tobacco in a Persian slipper.
  5. So, feathered Dino’s don’t sound scary, right?
  6. I take my tools to the Highland games I convene at. That’s the only time I take them out of the house. I don’t lend them out ever. I also have my name boldly printed in black marker on the orange sides of my travel box. I don’t even lend tools I inherited from my father to my brothers. If I need a tool, I go to a hardware store and buy it!! I don’t borrow.
  7. I recall the result of disagreeing with my first grade teacher, Mrs. Chennault, in 1964 was a spanking.
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