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  1. Ford offered digital and analog displays over the years. Possibly the trim level or optional package gave it a different cluster. 2002 F150 Lariat
  2. Ace had hammers half off this weekend if you want to build one. Maybe some of the blue Irwin masonry hammers for a better color.
  3. Most of mine have over the years, some have fixed backs and the butt of the seat flips up.
  4. Just have to bite the bullet while paying for a Dan Wesson pistol pac 357. Comes with 2, 4, 6, 8"barrels so you can pick what you want to shoot.
  5. sometimes it is not a human: https://www.fieldandstream.com/dog-shoots-hunters/ The human was negligent in rendering the wepon safe before relinquishing possession.
  6. The Alamo, playing Crockett and Houston.
  7. Close. There is the same ratio of oxygen in the air. The amount of oxygen molecules per volume is decreased as the pressure and air density decreases.
  8. Not a problem with the F-150 and it's 7.2kw onboard generator. Flip the breakers for the fridge/freezers and power up the station. The fuel canopy would be a good place to mount solar panels for the Silverados and Rams to gas up when the sun is shining. Agreed, EVs have a place, my driveway isn't it. They're probably great for big cities where they use freeways as rush hour parking lots.
  9. Which is slower than the current gas v6 2021 Ford Expedition. It is slow to average by modern standards. Companies like Tesla and Rivian will continue to wow us with fast products.
  10. Do you say mark two or mark eleven?
  11. Check your manual for a sequence of steps to reprogram the vehicle. Something like key on for 5 seconds, brake twice, unlock once... I turn off the autolock and the honk when using the fob. The lights still flash to confirm the command was executed.
  12. Some states recouped lost gas tax funds by implementing electric only vehicle registration fees. A glorified golf cart can be over $1,000 for annual registration.
  13. That is the truth of it. Did he point the gun at them? Did he pull the trigger?
  14. The interview I saw said Halle chose to take the swat training course three times to develop her skills for more realistic scenes. The movie benefited for it.
  15. It will be memorialized forever with these. Imagine your great grandkids finding this at a gun show in 100 years and thinking "that Brandon must've been the best driver." https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar-15-letsgo-15-stripped-lower-receiver-pre-order-ships-in-approximately-10-12-weeks.html
  16. Cheese, ranch, and beer are the staples of a Wisconsin diet. The gangs of Milwaukee and the liberals of Madison skew the state statistics. It still has to be better than New Jersey. Will be excited to trade money for another fine Henry when they produce some Heartland rifles.
  17. Yes, that was The Professionals. If the parents are unwed at the birth, then wed to legitimize the child. Then they divorce and do not get an annulment. Does the child go back to being illegitimate?
  18. What is this "rake" you speak of?
  19. Thought Pat is a Sammy Hagar fan.
  20. Upon more reading, some people claim the issue was how Ruger cut the early 327 chambers and ruger would replace those cylinders free of charge. Found this tidbit in Ruger & His Guns (2007 printing) on page 193. Read the center column. It predates the 327 Federal by a yearso not directly relative. It does clarify the early short frame 32.
  21. If memory serves, the early factory 327 cylinders stretched enough to crack the brass. They had to improve the metal used for the high pressure round. I don't remember if the frame had problems or was changed too.
  22. Maybe your meat is too thin that it can’t retain it’s own flavor. Some restaurants hammer it out like a tenderloin.
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