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  1. I'm guessing the serial killer in this episode had significantly more body mass than Lee's 105#.
  2. Tattletale is rarely in my pocket. Easy to leave in the cupholder and it sits on the counter a lot. Where as the autodeposited checks require use of the bank to withdraw cash. Hopefully this will be a booster for local shop sales where people can pay cash instead of internet stores.
  3. Probably there too. This scenario is from a 2A watch group chat. Family of person B is pushing the state of Iowa to expand firearm laws. They claim person A will only face $400 in fines because it was an air rifle instead of a 22LR. The fines are related to hunting violations and not the accidental shooting.
  4. Person A is hunting squirrels with a air rifle in their backyard within the city. The highway runs next to his property. Person B is driving on the highway. Person A misses a squirrel, the projectile travels beyond the property to the highway, through the car window, into the skull of person B. Person B survives with potential brain issues. What are the potential charges against person A?
  5. Appalachia High Intensity Drug Traffic Area. There are multiple HIDTA programs around the nation, federal program started in the 80s.
  6. Please keep us updated on how the AHIDTA responds to that from the California immigrant.
  7. Has someone given up on NCIS and focused on Topgear? You may also be interested in the commercially produced Quadski race and the Topgear America version of the amphicar race.
  8. @Patagonia PeteCredit cards would be the easiest for them to track. They could integrate it into the MCC system so the store employee would be as oblivious as the customer. Walmart used ID scans to track every purchase of ammunition a few years ago.
  9. Had to look that up: Brad Paisley had lyrics about haveing to put pop in his country to appease the label. Anything between Marty Robins and Chris Ledoux is a safe choice.
  10. 35psi. Check it every other time the other tires are checked. Also lower it once a year to make sure it is usable if it is needed.
  11. Delete the item from cart after it tells you the price. You'll get a lot less "we noticed you left X in your cart" emails.
  12. Worse than that. He is trying to manipulate us using the memory of innocent friends and family.
  13. And the plowman seems to take it as a challenge.
  14. Yes, I mean aside from being evil, greedy and vengeful. The character was spurred by his hurt ego, making it vengeance rather than cruel intentions. The shooting lasted 50 seconds and he quickly dispatched the duke as soon as his front side was exposed. As to the actor, Mr Dern has been highly respectful of the Duke in every interview I've seen and read. https://outsider.com/news/entertainment/john-wayne-the-hilarious-advice-the-duke-gave-bruce-dern-day-one-filming-iconic-western/
  15. Will someone please elaborate on what about this character is especially cruel?
  16. Ignoring the dozens of scenes where indian vs cowboy/settler/soldier, were skinned, scalped, tortured, then burned alive or staked in the desert todie in the sun. I'd put Greg Palmer's character in Big Jake on the list. Hacking people up with a machete and leaving them for dead is a cruel way to kill. He killed multiple adults, a dog, attempted to kill a boy by machete and pitchfork. You could list Richard Boone in this as the boss who ordered him to kill.
  17. Are they carbon copy receipts or printed? Ever bought from a chain store?
  18. The video is nearly 3 years olds. Supposedly it really happened. It is the latest iteration of an old problem. Remember when the filler cap was behind the license plate or tail light. Then they were flush fitted in the quarter panel with the release in the cabin along the A pillar, rocker, or even the glove box? Ever hear of a borrowed truck getting fuel added to the bed tank when it is not an auxiliary? Any of you twilight years pards hear of fuel being put in the Model T radiator cap? Did you ask if they were buying fuel for their generator to charge their car?
  19. Sounds like you have a good LGS. He actively seeks knowledge rather than knows it all. Maybe you should go in more often, it will save them the headache of dealing with Ed.
  20. Didn't the old 4473 have the firearm info after the signature? So we signed that our checkmarks were honest and the FFL walked off to call it in. Some shops didn't show what they filled out.
  21. Gas was cheap back then, electricity was cheaper. Come home after work, put the drill on to reverse the odometer. You could zero an odometer after enough nights. Or if you just needed to take off one nights milage. You could drive to Sally's house like normal and back the truck all the way back home. Then siphon gas from the tractor to put the 3 gallons back in the truck (burns a lot more driving in reverse). Did it take longer? Yes. Was my hide tanned when pa got home? No.
  22. 1998 F150 XL 1993 F150 XLT Eddie Bauer
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