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  1. I take it ya all know about her Allie Mo.........
  2. need a gunsmith to repair my Baikal. It seems the second trigger isn't getting cocked upon the reload.
  3. personally I LOVE LINES from cowboy movies you say before shooting a stage. Myself I came up with a shoot based on lines from Josey Wales and there were ALOT OF OTHERS! (Tombstone, Wyatt Earp etc...) It really adds something to what we all enjoy .
  4. Has anyone had any issues with your Dillion 650 when you would normally use Federal SPP and then switch to CCI SPP?
  5. I bought that extractor jig from Scarlett Darling and when I took it out, OMG to say the least........
  6. thanks, there are too many factors in play......
  7. if you start off with new brass, how many times can you reload it before the shell "wears out"
  8. On ammoseek I see primers by Zincpoint, what's the word on these???
  9. would like to ask if my fellow cowboys/cowgirls have a method or a procedure to remove this top pin. Last one I did got so beat up I decided to replace it.
  10. I've always wondered why P's are written into a stage, and then the timer "warns" shooters about them as they shoot the stage. I've seen some shoots where a timer warns shooters about the P and then forget to tell a shooter or two. That really "chaps my hide" as they say. Now if a shooter requests to be reminded before the beep, I'm ok with that but if you tell one shooter, you need to tell every shooter. As a follow up here, if a shooter forgets to take a stage prop ( a money bag ) from station to station for instance. My thought here is that you rob a shooter at a chance to earn a P (being sarcastic).
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