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  1. I get those call also and when I have the time I will play with them a while. When the call gets transfered to a person and they ask me about my car and what is it, I tell her it's a 47 Henway. After a few dead air moments she will come back and say I don't see it, what's a Henway? I say about 4 pounds , then good bye. M.G.Shagnasty
  2. I would be willing to trade you 6000 reloaded primers, small and large pistol, if you give me 4 years to get them finished.
  3. I am looking for a butt stock for a Rossi m92 or any Rossi 92. I need to cut down the l.o.p. and do not want to cut the original one. Thanks M.G. Shagnasty
  4. HI Cat, this is a new to me and the problem started with the very first stage. The upper suggestion is not the fix. Thanks
  5. Hi you all, I have a problem with a lighting I need some help with, it's a 45 cal. American Western Arms carbine. The problem is that it will fire 2 or 3 rounds then not hit the primer hard enough to set it off, even after 3 or 4 times pulling the hammer back and pulling the trigger. If I take the round and put it in my NMV it fires just fine. So this is what I have done. 1. Changed to Federal primers 2. Cleaned and lubed firing pln. 3. Tighten the tention screw on the main spring to more than my M92 Rossi, about 18lbs 4. Dry fired a dummy round with a used hammered flat
  6. Back in the olden days when I was a puppy, my mom who was 4 feet 10 inches tall used one for deer hunting. It looked so big with her holding it, but now that I'm all grownd up and haired over they don't look so big. I wish I had it today, but it surcumed to a house fire in the mid 60's.
  7. In my opinion this is a loaded question with no firing pin.
  8. The primer issue is the bad here in the NorthWest also, but I have been able to find Black Powder shot gun primers at some of the Black Powder shops. They will work, good luck. M.G. Shagnaty
  9. Sorry, it is a model 3. The opening toggle is different than the model 2
  10. One factoid, James Arness appeired in every episode of Gunsmoke.
  11. As I mentioned in a post I'd (That's just stupid) I watched at our local on-line ammo auction, 30-30 round nose 170 GN Hornady 100 count bullets sold for a staggering 395.00 for 1 box and 400.00 for the second box. That's just stupid!
  12. No reply, so I am removing my offer and moving on.
  13. Hi Chert Rock, look on Amazon, I just got a Lee push through die kit, .459 for 21.95 free shipping. Hope this helps. M.G. Shagnasty
  14. WOOOOOOW double dog dare, whats' going to happen next? film at 11:00.
  15. Keep an Eye on the Wilbur Auction.com here in Oregon, log onto HI Bid when you are on the site, Larry auctions guns and ammo on line until Biden stops it. Sunday one like what you are looking for went for 510.00, he is an FFL and will ship to yours. Just don't bid on what I am bidding on LOL.
  16. Hi Cpl Henry, If the price is right I will buy your .357 and .429 dies.
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