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  1. I shoot coated out of glock barrels. No problems at all, no leading and easy to clean. Still a good idea to slug your barrel and size .001 over.
  2. I much prefer hitek coated. If they stink when shot the coating was not applied/baked correctly. I have been casting and coating my own with the hitek powder. Easier then lubing. I'm trying so save more money, or at least have more bullets so I can shoot more.
  3. I've only shot cowboy and wild bunch here in bend Oregon. Haven't seen any w3g but I would sure like to give it a go. I have no idea as to the facts within the article but I can say palaver Pete is one hell of a great cowboy. I hope his prediction of the comeback of w3g is true. Locally here it doesn't currently exist.
  4. Rossi makes or did make a 92 in 454 casull. I believe max presssue is 60,000cup. 45 colt max pressure is something like 14,000-15,000cup. Cup pressures are from memory, but even if I'm off a little bit, the difference is still substantial. The action is plenty strong enough for any 45 colt loads.
  5. I would suggest you at least swap out the ejector spring with one from Nate Kiowa jones and cut a half to a full coil off the lever lock spring. The overly strong ejector spring is what makes the 92 tough to operate. I also replaced the hammer spring in mine. I have never had a failure to ignite any brand of primer or ever had a case fail to eject. My slicked up 92 has been totally reliable with the only exception of user error (failure to run the lever all the way forward)
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