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  1. The instructions were to just hit the targets on the tree.
  2. Stage setup for the rifle (10 rounds) was 2 targets to the left of a 6 target dueling tree with 2 targets to right of the dueling tree. This is the rifle portion of the stage only, pistol targets were different and irrelevant to this post. Stage instructions for the rifle were to engage each target once. Not a sweep! just 4 on the stationary and 6 on the tree. The shooter hit the 2 targets to the left of the dueling tree and then engaged the tree from the bottom up, hit the bottom target once, hit the 2nd from bottom target twice, then hit the 3rd 4th & 5th targets, did not engage top du
  3. Hey Chase    dont mean to mess you around  I have sent Kid Rich 2 IM's  no reply. If he doesnt reply by the morning I would probably sell the brass seperately.



  4. Kid    what is a FCD??  A guy wants to just buy the brass.  Do you want all this stuff?



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