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  1. No issues what so ever (although postage and the exchange rate make it expensive). Just make sure you have the right sights identified for your rifle as returns are a bugger with the price of postage. I have even rung and spoken to Lee just to get it right. This is the one I got. Sharps Rifles - Long Range Soule - Lee Shaver Gunsmithing sorry I don't remember which base but tell Lee (email or phone) what rifle you have and he will know. My Pedersoli already had a globe front sight so I didn't bother changing it out. I don't have a level so if you are going to get one get the level too, same principle it works close and far. Front Sights - Lee Shaver Gunsmithing
  2. Get the best longest range sights you can afford. You can shoot short range with long range sights, you cant shoot long range with short range sights! I have Lee Shavers on my Pedersoli Boss Sharps (long range) and on my Pedersoli 1886 (medium range) and am very happy with them. I messed up and bought the medium originally for my Sharps and so had to buy the 1886 so I could put the medium on that and buy a new long range for the Sharps
  3. oops My 1886 then also 45/70.
  4. Colt 1878 Double rifle in 45/70. Not a Colt but its a Double in 45/70.
  5. They bring it down to Australia every now and then- kill two birds with one stone
  6. That post talks about both the hammer and single trigger hammerless guns. My 200ae is a hammerless single trigger.
  7. You all forget Australia is a Nation born of convicts and one that glorifies our convict past and characters. We wear all sorts of weird stuff
  8. This has come up before. Try the below post. I have a Huglu 200AE and it looks to be exactly the same gun with a better finish (the CZ has the better finish not the Huglu). Huglu 200ae 20' side by side 12g • Enough Gun Maybe check for the Huglu schematics.
  9. I am going to go with three.
  10. I reported him to the admins so I guess they have removed the post. He joined the site in mid June and he is supposedly an American but three of the sites he liked are in Africa I just loved the hutzpah he showed
  11. check the guys history if you can but he has posted a photo of some Glocks on the SASS FB site. I made a joke and I am pretty sure he wants to sell me the Glocks? https://www.facebook.com/groups/247150769193328/posts/1204556863452709/?comment_id=1204563796785349&reply_comment_id=1204565246785204&notif_id=1659343898463492&notif_t=group_comment_mention
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