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  1. I visited a match at the Wartrace Regulators. Actually, the match was cancelled due to drizzling rain and 45°. There were 3 that were practicing, Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang and Randy Saint Eagle. And before I knew it, they were strapping leather on me, put irons in my hands and coaching all at the same time. And I'll never forget it.
  2. I have trouble reaching the hammer with my thumb, even with a Single Six. Maybe my thumbs are just short.
  3. I'd love for it to be that simple, but they don't fit my small hands. And I don't want .32's because I want to shoot classic cowboy when the time comes.
  4. Something that could be extremely helpful to greenhorns like me, is if some of the more well ridden hands could make a list or a cross-reference of firearms with the names used by different distributors, since Uberti and Pietta supply Cimmaron, Taylors', E.M.F and possibly others. It would be helpful when walking into a shop and fondling irons to know what the equivalent would be.
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