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  1. 1) New 9mm/38 Super extractor Pre-Series 80 blued #101S70 $20 shipped 2) Extended blued thumb safety #6b $20 shipped LISTED ELSEWHERE, PM FOR AVAILABILITY. Thanks.
  2. Set up for Pin shooting in 1998, this was purchased as a "pre-ban" NOS(unfired) when H&K was importing the Benelli system and marketing it. I shot the Pin Shoot 8 pin event in '98 and with the exception of the occasional range "plinking", it's sat in the safe in case I ever decided to go 3-gunning.(less than 300 rounds) 12 gauge pistol grip stock, ghost ring sights. 18.5" barrel(without comp), forcing cone lengthened, factory extended mag tube(7+1). Al Greco muzzle brake with 2 chokes. Tactical bolt handle, original included. Surefire forend with light, original forend included. Buttstock has mercury recoil reducer installed. Includes original choke tubes, factory lube and owners manual as pictured.(sling not included). I have way more in this gun (at 90's pricing) than I'm asking. $1500 shipped to your FFL. PM for availability, for sale locally and listed elsewhere. Thanks.
  3. Very nicely made, black, heavy leather gun covers (2). Shown with 22" gun, so should be fine up to 24" and still snap closed. $150 $135 shipped. Paypal friends and family or personal check. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  4. These are the engraved Centennial guns, produced in 1978 and are consecutively serial numbered. Top gun converted to 45 colt with 22" octagon barrel, no rear sight dovetail, big brass bead modified XS sight for the front, Lyman #2 tang rear. This gun, in original chambering spent many years as my main match gun is very smooth. Shortly after rebarreling I switched to a 73, so it hasn't been shot much in it's current configuration. When I had it rechambered, I converted the forend to rifle style. Bottom gun is completely stock, unfired 44 Mag with box. Selling as a pair $3000 shipped. Listing multiple places, please Pm for availability. Thanks.
  5. Collector merch. Short lived S&W promotion thing 20 years ago, "Club 1852" literature, decal, patch, keychain with 2 keys for the locks on the new guns. $30 shipped. Paypal friends and family or personal check only. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  6. This set was created to commemorate Lymans 100th anniversary. Based on Rugers #1B, the rifle sports a 28" round barrel with scope blocks to accommodate the 4 power "Century Model" scope. My father purchased this 30 years ago from the back room of a local gun shop in unfired condition and it remains so to this day. #321 of 1000, the set includes a presentation mahogany case, Lyman 3 die set, Lyman mold handles, Lyman mold, cleaning rod, 3" medallion, 20 nickel cases and book. Most of the accessories are marked "centennial" in some fashion. As a "NIB" purchase, this has all the original shipping boxes/cartons/wrappings and paperwork. There are some scratches on the scope that were there when he bought it. Otherwise, for going from safe to safe, I don't see any other dings or scratches, but please look at the pics. It has a beautiful piece of wood on it, the bore is bright and shiny. I have other pics if a serious buyer needs another view. The line in the butt pad is from sitting on the golden rod cord in the back of my safe and will likely "fill out". The set is big and heavy and will be shipped in the original box(s) as pictured and I expect shipping and insurance to the lower 47 to be $100+. $2500 SHIPPED to your FFL. Consider Browning BPCR in 45-70 in partial trade. Listing other places as well, please PM for availibility. Thanks.
  7. If you'd ask them about an older one they're rotating out, that'd be great. Shawnee may have a blank powered one that's fits my bill, but if the cost isn't too great, I wouldn't mind more than one option. I may also find one works better for me than another in actual use. My herd is used to me walking around them and driving near them with the SxS, so "long shots" aren't really required. Thank you everyone!
  8. Does that mean you have one or all? 1st choice, blank fired, pump probably second and CO2 last. It won't get a lot of use and wasting a CO2 cartridge every time for one or 2 shots seems silly, that said, if I ran across a CO2 one that was inexpensive, I could absorb some cartridge cost. I have plenty of "discouragement" options. I need to be able to administer med's and/or tranq them. My herd is pretty docile, so long range isn't really required, but they will range and or be pastured a significant distance from the working pen/chute/head catch, so if I get one that needs something, popping them with a dart in location will ease stress on them and work on my part. Still looking. Thanks.
  9. It's a long shot, but anyone have a dart gun for working cattle they don't need/use any longer? I like the looks of the Cap-Chur in the H&R, but open to any. Please PM me if you have one available. Thanks.
  10. Pics 5 thru 8 look like a lever action repeater. What caliber is it?
  11. Yes, I'm decluttering the man cave a bit. I bought this some years back to replace one I had many years before that. A very nice takedown recurve marketed by Browning, circa the 80's I believe. I've never had a string for it, so that is probably an indication it's time for it to go. I was told it was a 55# when I bought it, but again, I've never strung it and the spec decal is unmarked. Anyway. $165 shipped, no FFL required. PM FOR AVAILABILITY, LISTED ELSEWHERE. Thanks.
  12. 4 5/8" Stainless. Beautiful Buckeye burl grips(grips are a $440 value and 2ish year wait according to Joe's website), Belt Mountain base pins fitted, beveled cylinders, lighter springs and jeweled hammers. Some handling marks as can be seen in the pics, being SS, that all could be polished out. No boxes/papers, delivered as pictured for $2250 shipped to your FFL, listing other places, please PM for availability. Thanks.
  13. 3 7/8" barrelled Birdshead. Excellent, unmolested stock configuration/condition, it has some light scratches on the trigger guard and grips(please see the pics). This is the full size gun that can handle the hotter loads No box/papers, delivered as pictured for $1050 shipped to your FFL PM for availability, listed in multiple places. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I don't expect to be completely "under the radar", too many public records and I'm not a tech hermit.LOL
  15. I don't have my email on my profile. I've searched my name a couple different ways and the only way my email shows up that I can find, is on the TG Wire, from Rubys listing of all the TG's. Can non-TG's see that? I ask, because I posted an I'll take it on a listing and received the email below. BEFORE the PM I sent (with my email address) was opened. The grammar was flagging me, so I sat on replying and shortly after the real seller contacted me. This one baffles me a bit.
  16. Bought for a project that I'm using a different gun for. Lightly used (pretty minty for an original model) Ruger SS Vaquero 5 1/2". Lighter mainspring/trigger spring and slight filing of the front sight, otherwise unmolested. No box, comes as pictured. $950 shipped to your FFL. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  17. These were removed from functioning guns, but may require fitting in your guns, selling with that caveat.(no guarantee they will "drop in") Each set comes with the hammers, triggers, bolts and pawls as pictured. Prices are shipped. First I'll take "X" posted on the thread gets it. Paypal friends and family or personal checks only please. Thanks. 1) SOLD PENDING FUNDS, First 2 pics. Boomstick short stroke/transfer bar delete set for Bisley New Vaquero. Stainless steel. SOLD 2) pics 3 thru 5. Oglesby or Wes Flowers 4 click/transfer bar delete. NOT SHORT STROKE. Original Vaquero/New Model Blackhawk(full size frame) Blued steel.
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