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  1. Well, if you weren't 5 hours away, I'd take it.LOL
  2. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  3. As pictured, uncut, no cracks. Perfectly solid in the wrist area and NOT oil soaked. I've tried to show the surface dents/impressions/defects in the pics, if there is a different angle you'd like to see, PM me with your email. $550 shipped. Paypal friends and family or snail mail check. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  4. They pop up on Ebay occasionally, save a search a there, they'll email when new stuff gets listed. There are none on there currently. As you've probably found, the correct one is required for the gun to function properly, so it's not a common item to find unless someone has parted out a gun. I believe an IAC is dimensionally functional as well.
  5. You would likely need 44-40 pilots, if they ever made them, 38-40 is going to be .025", give or take, too small.
  6. Sending it back to Ruger might be the easiest way to get the throats right. Otherwise, it should be easy enough for your local smith or buddy with a lathe to bore and turn you a bushing. Being of specialty(non common) OD, finding a hardware bushing that would work would likely waste more time and effort than worthwhile. Good luck.
  7. I'm not sure why you'd want to do that, but.. The forend comes off easy enough, it is a snug friction fit that slides over the unique contour of the Henry barrel/magazine. Because of the forend, the mag follower does not have the tab(it would hit the forend on it's may down), so you have no way to pull the follower up and compress the spring, to swivel the end of the gun to load as a traditional Henry would. You could put in a traditional follower, remove the forend and loosen the screw on the end swivel and return it to "traditional Henry" loading, if you wanted to to do that for whatever reason.
  8. 45 COLT, 24 1/4" barrel. I thought it'd be cool to shoot an unusual Henry for big BP(King of Kaboom or Pale Rider) or Wild Bunch and Uberti only made a small run of these "transitional models" originally, making them very hard to find. So, I had this Henry converted with Uberti parts, adding the loading port, carrier, mag follower and forend. Turns out I haven't shot either of those categories since having it done and don't see that changing. The rifle is NOT short stroked, it does have a lightened mainspring and Whisper springs on the carrier lifter and lever, making for a nice light and smooth action. It shoots excellent, no Henry hop with the unusual slide on forend. There are various cart/safe/cartridge dings that came with the rifle when I bought it that I tried to capture in the pics. When the work was done the brass was polished and is slowly going back to a patina, I've made no attempt to re-polish it for the pics as some prefer the patina. Included is the original box and papers. $2150 shipped to your FFL. Listing in multiple places, please PM for availability. Thanks.
  9. Round butt. No cracks or splitting. As pictured. $125 shipped. Paypal Friends and Family or snail mail checks only. Listed multiple places, please PM for availibility. Thanks.
  10. Brand new, unused. Cheap S&W frame cracked before I could load 45 Auto Rim for it. Should seat and ROLL crimp any short 45 pistol cartridges. $35 shipped. Prefer Paypal friends and family. Money orders or personal checks accepted. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  11. Lightly used, stock 5 1/2" stainless original Vaquero. The front sight has been slightly filed, see pic. No box or papers. $950 shipped to your FFL. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  12. These would be a great set for someone who wants lighter guns as they have aluminum grips frames and they're ready to go!!
  13. Withdrawn your comment, or the "I'll take it"? You low on caffeine?!
  14. Prayers and condolences for Wilbur and family.
  15. If that's a factory length sheriff's model(not a cut down) and it hasnt been short stroked, I'll take it. I'll text/call you in a bit.
  16. Perfect outlaw guns, YOU should be shooting them.
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