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  1. Bring more young shooters into SASS through our new shooter orientations. Shoot as many matches as I can with my best friend Ambush Al. Continue my great enjoyment of watching my daughter win awards.
  2. Wanted to give a big thank you to Howlin' Wolf at Mernickle. At Bordertown we went into his tent to order a full new set of holsters and shotgun belt for my daughter. We picked one out and said we'll be back at the end of the match. Howlin' Wolf was on our posse and had a chance to observe my daughter shooting gunfighter during the match. When we came back to buy, he said she needed something different than we originally picked out. And he was right. My daughter loved the new gunfighter set he picked out and we ordered it on the spot fully customized. I really appreciated the personal attention Howlin' Wolf gave to my daughter to make sure she had the right set for her shooting style. The leather came back in less than 6 weeks and was exactly as ordered, even all the customized items. We have bought all our leather from Mernickle for years now and will certainly continue to do so. Thank you Howlin' Wolf and Mernickle.
  3. 2019 would have had more clean matches except for the dismal weather. I think that affected a lot of people, including yours truly. The stages seemed about the same difficulty as previous years. Good mix of close and far.
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