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  1. 2019 would have had more clean matches except for the dismal weather. I think that affected a lot of people, including yours truly. The stages seemed about the same difficulty as previous years. Good mix of close and far.
  2. Great! You are all signed up. That makes 18 so far. See you there.
  3. Just a reminder! Come on over if your not doing anything on Saturday. We still have room.
  4. The Rio Salado Cowboys in Mesa AZ will be hosting an RO I class on Saturday 9-2, August 24. There are no local matches in the Valley that day so come join us and earn your RO I pin. It's hot outside but it will be cool in our classroom. We already have lots of cowboys & cowgirls signed up but there is still plenty of room. Please go to our Club website and click on the Territorial Governor link for more info and location of the classroom. https://www.riosaladocowboys.com Hope to see you there!
  5. I was just using knock downs as an example. That discussion is probably off topic for this post. But, on topic, I would still like to see the WR and EOT stages posted in advance for all of SASS to see.
  6. Our Club posts monthly stages at least a week in advance. We don't show distance but we do show the target shape to be used. And everyone local understands our philosophy as per distances. Why doesn't EOT and Winter Range post their stages in advance? They are the Championship SASS matches so if anyone should post them in advance, it should be these matches. I certainly read a lot of unhappy shooters who did not expect the stages they shot. They should proudly post the stages up for everyone to see in advance. As an example, some shooters use different ammo for knock-downs (I don't). If I did, I would like to know if either of these matches have them in advance. Some will say it's unfair that shooters can practice them in advance. I disagree. Everyone gets to practice them if they choose to. It would be nice to have an idea of what I will be shooting. If you remove the mystery of what everyone is going to shoot, I think people will be less disappointed at the end of the day.
  7. Way to go Sadie!! You shoot great in all categories. Thanks for helping my new GF daughter, Audacious Annie. You always go the extra mile to help shooters.
  8. Congratulations CN!! Awesome shooter and a great Pard! I was rooting for ya!
  9. Awesome shooting!! Congratulations!
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