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  1. The button to the left of the Topic title indicating that there are unread posts in the topic will take you to the first unread post, regardless of the number of pages. That is how it should work. However, I have found it's functionality to be erratic. Sometimes it takes me to the first unread post. Sometimes it take me to the first post, the OP (original post). Now need to learn to do Red. Unless you have accidentally clicked the "Source" icon on the far left of a text window, the color icon will be available. If all you can see is the "Source" icon, click it and the other icons wil
  2. This time of the month I would be thankful for an empty mailbox.
  3. T-Bone, Put me on the list as a first timer at your match. App and check will be in the mail tomorrow. Texas Bart
  4. Great to have you back, PaleWolf. Hope things are going well.
  5. UPS-Good FedEx-Good USPS-Good The new method that many (including Midway) use is ship UPS or FedEx to USPO distribution center for delivery by USPS seems to always go wrong. Coming to me they seem to always get hung up in Houston PO. Last thing I received USPS was picked up in Evansville, IN on Saturday 11/19 and I had it in my hand in East TX 11/21. No complaint there. If it's something important I check and if carriers are mixed, I pay the extra for single carrier.
  6. Bought a Lee Pro 4-20 six years ago and it's still working. Yes, have had the occasional plug and leak but paper clip has always taken care of plugs and turning stem has taken care of leaks. Since so many sources seem to think Lee is cheap junk I bought a spare 2 years but it's still in the box. I did build a PID Controller for temperature control and temp hangs at set point +/- 3 degrees or so. I'm a happy caster.
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