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  1. Hellbender; I'm not receiving you PM in full so I will send the funds to the address you have posted on your article . My email is joechud@yahoo.com if you wish to contact me that way otherwise the check will go to;

    Up The Creek Gang

    addressed to    Hellbender

    528 Jefferson Drive

    Lake Charles

    Louisiana 70605

  2. I have one flat gate Ruger single six 22 cal. that I'm thinking about selling. Bought it in the early 60s but it does have a transfer bar.

    Polecat Joe

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    2. Polecat Joe

      Polecat Joe

      I will get you the information tomorrow.

      Polecat Joe

    3. Polecat Joe

      Polecat Joe

      I do not have original parts. The serial no. is 50901. there is slight holster wear on front of the barrel and ejector housing. There is a holster that comes with it. No belt I am looking to get $550.00 for it face to face.

      Polecat Joe

      IMG_0331 (1).JPG



      IMG_0337 (1).JPG

    4. Waimea


      Thank you, Polecat.

      I'm going to pass on this gun.

      I am hoping to find one that hasn't been converted.


  3. Can you call 201- 637-2767 in regard to the SKB you have for sale. He is a SASS member ( KID HARRISON) who is not enrolled on the SASS forum and wants to purchase the shotgun.

    Thank You

    Polecat Joe

  4. Howdy Dirty Low Down: Did you do anything with those 32s ?

    Polecat Joe

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    2. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Polecat--------will send ya some picts in morning---so you can see what we dealing with----daughter has cell phone with her & shes gone out for the evening!----Shure wish I was in Miami area-----its 27 degrees here & I had to go  out for a while & now I'm shivering & hugging space heater!!! Getting old ain't for sissies!!! If after ya see picts & you want 32's--I'll need a postal money order for the $1400 & shipping info &FFL # for the FFL ya want me to ship em to---------Dirty

    3. Polecat Joe

      Polecat Joe

      Good.. Please check,  I believe you originally  had listed them for $1350.00 shipped FFL to FFL but I don't have a problem with $1400.00.


    4. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      polecat----I think I posted the $1350 figure before local FFL's went up on their fees----we'll go w/ $1400 & if I can talk FFL into charging his old fee--I'll refund ya the $50------the phone # I sent ya the picts on is daughters phone she is not here more than she is here so we'll use house phone if we need to talk----901-835-4002--------Charles Metcalfe ---97 Abby Rd.----Drummonds,Tn.-----38023-------email-----Metcalfe2@rittermail.com-----------Dirty

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