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  1. I will check with Ace Hanlon who is also from Missouri but lives in south Florida now. I believe he talked to him about nine months ago. but as i said before, I've not seen Bart for a long time and when I did, he was really into it.
  2. Haven't seen him at any of the club shoots in Florida either. He usually shot with the Gold Coast Gunslingers and The Okeechobee Outlaws
  3. Is the action tight on that shotgun?

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    2. Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Rob Banks SASS #59528

      if for any reason the sale falls thru please give me a call,,,, Rob Banks 714-206-6893

    3. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

      Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

      Will do, but I believe he's going to get it 



    4. Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Thanks for the reply.

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