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  1. Hi Razorseal... You were observing our monthly O.K. Corral Outlaws match in Okeechobee Florida. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience. Definitely come to the Gold Coast Gunslingers match at Markham park on the 7th of March near Fort Lauderdale and it won't be long before you're a regular. Polecat Joe
  2. We are going to implement " CAS Scoring " this weekend at our monthly match for the first time.
  3. I have a Mec SuperSizer I bought it about 4 years ago. Very rarely used. $85.00 shipped
  4. Can you call 201- 637-2767 in regard to the SKB you have for sale. He is a SASS member ( KID HARRISON) who is not enrolled on the SASS forum and wants to purchase the shotgun.

    Thank You

    Polecat Joe

  5. Every once in a while, after cleaning the stainless cylinders with Ballistol, I soak them overnight in a 50/50 solution of peroxide and white vinegar. They come out like new the next day
  6. He put Octagonal barrels on a set of pistols for me and I just sent him another set to be done. Can't say enough about how good his work is. Very nice to deal with also.
  7. Is Chuckaroo still doing laser engraving? I tried to reach him with no success.
  8. Pair of stainless steel New Vaquero 357 cal. revolvers for sale. Barrel length = 5 1/2 inches. Full action job by Jimmy Spurs in 2016. Rear sights widened and transfer bars removed. Eagle gunfighter grips and original grips. Used one season. $2300.00 shipped my FFL to your FFL. If you don't want the Eagle grips, deduct $180.00
  9. Howdy Dirty Low Down: Did you do anything with those 32s ?

    Polecat Joe

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    2. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Polecat--------will send ya some picts in morning---so you can see what we dealing with----daughter has cell phone with her & shes gone out for the evening!----Shure wish I was in Miami area-----its 27 degrees here & I had to go  out for a while & now I'm shivering & hugging space heater!!! Getting old ain't for sissies!!! If after ya see picts & you want 32's--I'll need a postal money order for the $1400 & shipping info &FFL # for the FFL ya want me to ship em to---------Dirty

    3. polecat joe

      polecat joe

      Good.. Please check,  I believe you originally  had listed them for $1350.00 shipped FFL to FFL but I don't have a problem with $1400.00.


    4. Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      Dirty Low Down sass 23492

      polecat----I think I posted the $1350 figure before local FFL's went up on their fees----we'll go w/ $1400 & if I can talk FFL into charging his old fee--I'll refund ya the $50------the phone # I sent ya the picts on is daughters phone she is not here more than she is here so we'll use house phone if we need to talk----901-835-4002--------Charles Metcalfe ---97 Abby Rd.----Drummonds,Tn.-----38023-------email-----Metcalfe2@rittermail.com-----------Dirty

  10. I will check with Ace Hanlon who is also from Missouri but lives in south Florida now. I believe he talked to him about nine months ago. but as i said before, I've not seen Bart for a long time and when I did, he was really into it.
  11. Haven't seen him at any of the club shoots in Florida either. He usually shot with the Gold Coast Gunslingers and The Okeechobee Outlaws
  12. Is the action tight on that shotgun?

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    2. Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Rob Banks SASS #59528

      if for any reason the sale falls thru please give me a call,,,, Rob Banks 714-206-6893

    3. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

      Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

      Will do, but I believe he's going to get it 



    4. Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Thanks for the reply.

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