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  1. I'm making the switch to a Spolar Gold so selling my Dillon SL900 Shotshell Loader w/ cover. Setup for 12 gauge. Has a couple of Shalako Tuckers mods and improvements from ST Machining. $1000 $950 obo plus shipping
  2. Thanks Jax. Do you schedule when you pick up your registration and hopefully they don't come around when you are shooting your match.
  3. Many thanks Edward and Rex for the very helpful information. Especially that scary mountain pass. That was the way I was planning on going. I got another question about RV service at EOT. When we were at Winter Range last year they came around while we were shooting our main match and didn't service my motorhome because we weren't there. Fortunately there is a dump station at the Ben Avery Shooting Range. How is it at Founders Ranch.
  4. Awesome. I added this match to my itinerary. Is there plenty of room at the range for dry camping or should I look elsewhere. Also when you drive at EOT on Monday or Tuesday is parking my trailer at Founders Ranch going to be an issue. Thanks Rex
  5. Wow. I think I will avoid that stretch of highway. When you get to Cortex did you take 491 or 160 back to 550. Thanks Edward
  6. We are getting close to making plans and sending in applications for both the Colorado State Match and End of Trails. Just waiting on firm delivery of our new living quarters horse trailer. Going to be close. This is the first time we have attended both of these events. Is there plenty of room for rigs that are 40 foot long at both of these events or should I look at RV parks close by and do you all have recommendations. We would like to hit the Hell on Wheels match on the way home but not sure if we can stay away from our house and animals that long. Appreciate any advice and recommendations. Thanks If you can't see em, spray and pray. Argh! Captain Black Hand and Black Diamond Deb
  7. if the Bisley hammers are still available I am interested.

  8. Hi Allie Mo, I changed my alias from Black Hammer to Captain Black Hand.  I tried to change my SASS Wire Forum ID to Black Hand but can't.  Could you do that for me.  Thanks

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    2. Captain Black Hand

      Captain Black Hand

      Alliie, I had a guest Roarchie post a comment on my classified with a link.  Can you delete the comment.  Thanks 


    3. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Howdy Pardner,


      Another Moderator got it.





    4. Captain Black Hand
  9. Howdy Mudflat, I'm going to be selling my Dillon 550 with all the trimmings and caliber conversions and tool heads.  No case feeder.  I got another 650.  What's a fair asking price for this.

  10. Do you need a 38 spec rifle?

    I have a new unfired '66 Carbine, 38spec, 19" round barrel with a 5th gen Pioneer Gun Works short stroke kit in it and I'm looking for some 45LC revolvers...........

    1. Captain Black Hand

      Captain Black Hand

      Tempting but not right now.  I want to sell these so I can get a set in 38.  Thanks

  11. Mudflat, are you bringing this to the RUCUS match this weekend. I would like to look at it.
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