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  1. if the Bisley hammers are still available I am interested.

  2. I just broke a transfer bar on one of my SASS Vaqueros dry fire practicing. Thanks all for the posts on transfer bar pinch. I own two other sets of SASS Vaqueros and I will definitely check them for pinch. I dry fire these guns a lot. Ruger is sending me another transfer bar but I ordered some more from Midway because I won't see the Ruger one for ten days. Thanks again.
  3. Personally I love shooting the annual two day match Un Hombre Muy Malo. Here is a video I found of our departed friend Jess Ducky shooting a stage with a rifle reload and a full pistol reload and plenty of shotgun. As I said this match is a hoot so come on out or make the road trip and bring lots of ammo and a smile. RUCAS provides the rest and plenty off steel to shoot at.
  4. The Renton Fish and Game Club in Washington have a annual match Un Hombre Muy Malo put on by the RUCUS Cowboys. Every year they put on this two day match. This year it is scheduled for June 1 & 2. Every stage has both pistol and rifle reloads and some stages are full pistol reloads on the clock. Schofields are popular, for those lucky enough to have a pair, and the cap and ball shooters usually have another pistol and load the caps on the clock. The stages are a lot of fun and theme based. So if your in for a lot of shooting and banging steel come on out. Bring lots of ammo and a smile. http://rucascowboys.com
  5. Got a question for you all that have tried Lucas products on your guns. Does it leave your guns slippery when wet like balistol does. I live in the rainy northwest and shoot black powder.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I used Lucas Oil products for many years during my drag racing career. Lucas definitely knows oil, metallurgy, and friction reduction. I always thought about using their synthetic transmission oil do to its high detergent qualities on my guns. Wonder if their red lube is their tranny oil.
  7. I see Lucas Oil Products is now in the gun care business. Has any of you tried their stuff. I'm always looking for that miracle cleaner that removes the carbine on your revolvers. https://lucasoil.com/products/out-door-line
  8. what ever you do do not put your CCH parts in one of them ultrasonic cleaners. I learned the hard way.
  9. Thanks for the tip on the sale Warden. I got me some powder and primers comeing.
  10. It sure does clump but it is odd I don't have the issue with loading my rifle and pistol rounds on my D650's.
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