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  1. You're welcome, I had just spoke with the office canceling mine and the wifes entries. The one time EOT is EAST we cant attend because we will be on a summer trip WEST with the granddaughter. The whole trip was planned so we could shoot EOT and it kinda took on a life of its own.
  2. yep, take some off the loading gate spring, it is twice as hard to open as a vaquero and smaller. Also I had 1 loading gate that still had casting flash on it, it was galling the frame making it even harder to open.
  3. Both of mine slip hammer just fine. Internally they are just like all the other single action rugers. There is one extra part but it doesn't move, its there to keep the pawl from wearing the frame.
  4. Nope, never said he was dead, just scared.
  5. I put 14# springs in mine and they are choosy as to the ammo, not just to brands but to lot numbers.
  6. What specifically are they they failing to do? I have a pair and they operate just as my vaqueros do.
  7. If I read this correctly you are saying after the 4th round the magazine fed both the 5th and 6th round? It could be the cartridge stop needs lubed. Numbers 26 & 27. For reference: https://marauder.homestead.com/files/97parts.htm If you are using reloads, the rim of the cartridge can be damaged by a 97s action with repeated use, and could be the cause.
  8. Jim, nine o three, two two seven, o three o five..... is also listed on his web page, belongs to his business manager, talk to her...
  9. Same as most shoots, all categories shoot together, 4 stages on the 24th, 4 staged the 25th, and 4 stages on the 26th. If you contact the home office you could arrange a shoot through. Maybe. 12 stages in 1 day would be tough.
  10. Also, wadcutters and semi-wadcutters are a no no.
  11. Internet auction sites (Hibid or Proxibid). be prepared to pay ~150.00 per thousand..... At that price you can still load cheaper than buying loaded ammo. and remember, primers = shooting, no primers = no shooting.
  12. Hi Roger, I just acquired Taurus in 45 colt. Would you send your guide to bigbo1@charter.net ? Thank you sir.
  13. YEP +1 Aw and I will be there and we are bringing High Cotton Kitty with us.
  14. Mine arrived Saturday, unlike the fellow in the video I ordered a #1 shell holder for 38s. The piece he slides on from the right also slides on from the left AND he used the wrong one. You should use the tallest one that will work, he used one for 9mm. Any regular die will fit, and it has a Lee breech lock bushing. I set it up to de prime and rigged a stand for my automatic case feeder. with the short throw it is almost effortless. J Bird Blue, I like the idea about the FCD, Ill be doing that for my big match ammo.
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