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  1. One of these is a 45 ACP and the other is a 45CS. they both work perfectly. Why would I use 45CS? Either I don't want to load BP in a ACP case or I want to load to the minimum to reduce recoil and don't want to use that load in my 1911. No need for a moon clip, you can't use a moon or a half moon clip with a single action gate anyway.
  2. My Talo edition 45acp, New Vaquero, shoots CB45 with no problems.
  3. The second match I shot was a state match. I never looked back.
  4. And you don't want me? Let me check my vacation!
  5. Are you sure OLG? Handbook only states self cocking hammers are not legal for Classic Cowboy, we use self cocking hammers in every other category.
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