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  1. If you go to this page with the device you have your podcast software on and click the "Subscribe To Podcast" your device will add this show to your list. I have done it with ipad and android phone.
  2. It gets my vote! Go with the McDonalds rule: 55 and up.
  3. It is a bit underwhelming. Bo Dacious And where will you be this weekend?
  4. Depriming is the dirtiest part of reloading so I do that in the garage. I load in the house and have cut my equipment cleaning time DRASTICALY by doing so. I also like the way they dry faster here in the south east, we cant always depend on 90+ and sunny. I stopped using pins a few years ago, the primer pockets and inside the cases do not get as clean but the brass on brass action polishes the outsides up pretty. As for black powder, they shine up too, as long as you don't wait to long and let them stain.
  5. Ill take chance on it Asa, let me know where to send the funds. Bo Dacious
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