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  1. Referring to Marauder's diagram I believe the OP is asking about #21 and how it is secured in the receiver. I have never removed that part for fear it would break.
  2. Photo used from Classifieds "Oregonian" without permission Did not know they were called Poacher Buttons, learn something new everyday.
  3. Not what they are doing here. What is being discussed is more akin to polishing your cars paint, makes it shine, cuts down on friction.
  4. Mine arrived Saturday, unlike the fellow in the video I ordered a #1 shell holder for 38s. The piece he slides on from the right also slides on from the left AND he used the wrong one. You should use the tallest one that will work, he used one for 9mm. Any regular die will fit, and it has a Lee breech lock bushing. I set it up to de prime and rigged a stand for my automatic case feeder. with the short throw it is almost effortless. J Bird Blue, I like the idea about the FCD, Ill be doing that for my big match ammo.
  5. It gets my vote! Go with the McDonalds rule: 55 and up.
  6. It is a bit underwhelming. Bo Dacious And where will you be this weekend?
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