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  1. If you are anywhere near Manchester KY the 3rd week in July, Black Gold is the place to be. https://ponderosa-pines.com . Some of the Earths greatest Outlaws will be in attendance and there will be a Left handed Missouri fella there kicking all our backsides.
  2. http://outlawshooters.com And Heck no! we don't want no "official" Category.......
  3. It will, I have a set of ACP Vaqueros that I shoot CB Specials.
  4. Bo Dacious

    Carpal tunnel

    Do it sooner than later, I put off the surgery due to some irrational fears of my own and lived with pain for years. My relief was immediate, 4 stitches and an ace bandage, I was installing wood floors in my house the next week.
  5. The act of jacking a round would be considered as "Engaging" R4.
  6. Load 1 and shoot R5 to save 1 miss, anything else earns a P
  7. Mine arrived Saturday, unlike the fellow in the video I ordered a #1 shell holder for 38s. The piece he slides on from the right also slides on from the left AND he used the wrong one. You should use the tallest one that will work, he used one for 9mm. Any regular die will fit, and it has a Lee breech lock bushing. I set it up to de prime and rigged a stand for my automatic case feeder. with the short throw it is almost effortless. J Bird Blue, I like the idea about the FCD, Ill be doing that for my big match ammo.
  8. It gets my vote! Go with the McDonalds rule: 55 and up.
  9. It is a bit underwhelming. Bo Dacious And where will you be this weekend?
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