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  1. Il said I would never part with it but at my age I'm at the point of calling it quits. Some one ask about the rifle and it want sell unless it is in a package. It is one sweet rifle by Long Hunter. Some one is going to get started right with some fine guns. Not starting out as cheap as they can go then wanting to up grade later. Lot of us made that mistake years ago. Have a great weekend Happy
  2. If you are looking into starting out this could be for you. Rifle,handgun and shotgun. The rifle in the package is the Bushwacker in 357 18” barrel half round and half octagon they are getting hard to find. Your choice in handguns can be Ruger SS 4 3/4 or you could have a pair of Smoke Wagons, your choice in shotgun is 1897 pump or sxs in either Baikal or Stoeger in 12 ga the price of this complete package is $3995 plus shipping. Thanks for looking and happy trails to you PM me for further info Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all our cowboy family
  3. We offer a complete package in 45 for a new shooter. The rifle in this package is the 1873 Bush Wacker which is half round and half octagon in 18” barrel. These are getting harder to come by. The rifle in 357 great action with short stroked this rifle was by Long Hunter it is the rifle I have been shooting. The hand guns in this package are the 1873 “Alchimista” Great Western ll from Davidson Exclusive in 4 3/4 45 . The Alchimista 1&2 were round barrels where the 3 are octane barrels if you have ever had the chance to pick up the guns you would say wow they are smooth. The 3 was in a brass grip frame, but later some came in like these in steel and have a different grip frame than the 3 had. In talking to EMF the first ones they saw in the steel frame they said maybe they need to call these in steel the 4. The pistols in the other package u have a choice of Alchimista or SS Ruger Blackhawk the Davidson guns carry a lifetime warranty I shoot the same guns in 357 I wish I had that warranty.. Ask any of your friends that are wanting to go to the oct barrels how much they are having to pay around $800 extra The shotguns in the package is a 1897 Norinco pump and the sxs single trigger in 12g Johnny Meadows action the package of the four guns are $3995 plus s&h insurance . selling any part of package if u are wanting just one of the idems. PM me if u want to talk. Your FFL must except from individual I will try to package all four together to try to save some money.
  4. Good advice since 24 in are hard to sell
  5. I guess u can label yourself anything u want.
  6. Boy that Charles Daly is sooo much lighter than a CZ. I don't know why I ever sold my Charles Daly to my son in law. Happy
  7. Slim are u looking for a M-100 or parts? I have a beautiful 100 in 308 but I don't know if that is what u want. Mine has the fancy oak leaf checkering in great shape
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