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  1. Sorry about leaving off the cal. its called ole age.
  2. Excellent Taylor 1873 357 with outstanding Long Hunter action job with short stroked 18 1/2 oct barrel. Ready to take to your next match very smooth action. $1475 shipped to your ffl
  3. Very nice Stoeger Coach Gun race ready by Johnny Meadows 12 ga 20 inches barrel. This is a very nice double barrel and the triggers have been switched for a right handed shooters making it faster than one that hasn’t. The stock has not been cut. $695 plus shipping. Thanks for looking HAVE A BLESSED THANKSGIVING
  4. Well they did call so they are real.
  5. RT if u are willing to cut the price some let me know I can't give that for that short Marlin. Thanks Happy
  6. It does not need anything and it is shipped to your FFL
  7. Beautiful Stoeger Coach Gun STF 3000 SS 12 ga chock tubes single trigger. These Stoeger single triggers are getting hard to find. This is something for a small shooter since the stock has been cut to 12 1/2. The shotgun would be great for a lady or younger cowboy or cowgirl action work done. $695 shipped to your FFL if they will receive from me.
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