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  1. Wow Never thought my question would get so many responses. You guys are great. I ended up just shooting Frontiersman for the shoot.It was a blast. PUN INTENDED. However, cap and ball is a whole different animal than what I have been used to shooting regular smokeless categories with vaqueros......this could get addicting..........
  2. Ha. Never thought about it that way.
  3. Awesome. I appreciate the help. So Just shooting regular gunfighter any powder is OK. Great. Saves me a bit of money on other ammo!
  4. Hey Guys, New to the forum and relatively to CAS. I have been shooting gunfighter for a few months and am interested in shooting 1851 cap and ball navy's. I am curious does anyone know if I need to use BP in all loads with this in the gunfighter category? Or Can I use BP in my Navys, and regular smokeless ammo in rifle and shotgun? The way I read the rules it appears I can. However wanted to get opinions of more seasoned veterans. Thanks in advance.
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