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  1. 4 minutes ago, Charlie Harley, #14153 said:

    It’s good to see some parity coming back to college football. 

    And let’s not forget this year’s Cinderella team, Cincinnati. 


    No, let's do forget them :lol:

  2. 2 minutes ago, Charlie Harley, #14153 said:

    They don’t deserve a CFP berth after that game. (Charlie’s gonna retreat to a hideaway and wait for the Bama faithful to chime in.)

    Agree and THANKFULLY the Ohio State got beat and shouldn't be involved in the cfp either.

  3. On 11/24/2021 at 8:10 PM, McCandless said:

    Since I don't have any relations that appreciate guns, and no one to leave them to, there aren't any that "I'll never sell"...  Just guns that I'll prioritize and hold on to until my shooting days come to an end.  Then I'll keep something for self defense until I can't lift it anymore.

    Dad! You know I appreciate guns! If you wanna go ahead and send a pair of ROAs now, I'll shoot em' and show ya how much ;)




    I'd never sell Pappy's Swiss K31 he bought in France during WWII. Other than that everything is for sale, but very expensive.

  4. 4 hours ago, JJ “Reb” Wainwright 110206 said:


    Is it because everyone is seeing these topics on other news feeds and don’t “need” the Team SASS forum?  

    I won't go so far as to say don't need, but yes I'm inundated with this everywhere. 



    4 hours ago, JJ “Reb” Wainwright 110206 said:


    Or, is it because we’re all looking for a momentary escape from all the political pablum that invades us far too often?  


    Yes, that's my reason.


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  5. 1 hour ago, Nikkisdad said:

    I have an opportunity to purchase Uberti 73 or Winchester 73.  The price difference after all fees' is $350.00 more for the Winchester. My question is the price difference worth it for the Winchester?  Thanks inadvance



    Do you intend to participate in S.A.S.S.?


    If yes, I'd suggest going to a match(if you haven't already) and seeing if you can try both out before you buy.


    If not, I'd probably go for the Winchester.



    I have both and the Winchester is a better gun from the factory; the Ubertis need a little attention. Yes, it's $350 better. 


  6. 1 minute ago, Captain Bill Burt said:


    Ok, was going to follow up with something similar to what Cayuse Jack posted.


    I'd take an extra look and make sure those transfer bars are good and smooth, as well as putting a thin washer under the light springs.


    It's also possible that some junk got in with the firing pin return spring or it wasn't lightened enough(or at all) with the action job. If that's too strong or dirty it can cause issues too.





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  7. 1 hour ago, Yellowhouse Sam # 25171 said:

    Well, that’s odd we saw nothing more of Monica and Tate

    I thought the exact same thing, but Missus Tyrel said she saw them in the previews for later in the season.

  8. 56 minutes ago, Trigger Mike said:

    My teenage son got us to try it so we watched the first episode Saturday night and are recording what is on now and may try and catch up.  


    It seemed OK, but not great to me so I imagine it gets better as it goes.  


    Definitely does. Season 1 episodes 1-3 were really slow to me, but by episode 5 or so I was all in.  I don't care for the language, but I reckon I can overlook it.


    Season 4 so far is pretty epic!



    1 hour ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    The best line in the show was from the kid!!  He told Rip that he’d “outkicked his coverage”!  I laughed’til I couldn’t!!:lol: :lol:


    With all the new rules for kickoffs and punts, the kid pulled out an oldy!!  It certainly nailed that relationship!! :lol: :lol:


    I’m STILL chuckling!!


    He's not wrong!


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  9. 3 hours ago, Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971 said:

    RR, your original post stated you would be using BP subs.  These don't have the flame of real black powder.  The only currently available sub that gives me any flame out the end of the barrel is Shooters World BP sub.  For style points you need real black powder.  APP will just give you a huge cloud of white smoke with lots of white streamers.  Triple Seven will give you a sore shoulder.


    Well that doesn't make sense because APP makes the Shooters World power.


  10. For real BP I use:

    Gold Remington STS Hulls

    Claybuster 7/8oz gray wads

    45-48gr of Real BP

    7/8oz #7.5 lead shot


    I use a MEC Sizemaster press and a Lyman BP Measure as a separate step, no powder on the press itself.


    I'm too lazy to mess with roll crimps and fiber wads. No need for 1-1 and no need for more than 7/8oz of shot IMO. Whatever amount of sub that equals 45-48gr of BP is plenty of power; sorry can't remember where a conversion chart is.



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