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  1. Check your spam just in case.


    I'd personally call the office tomorrow and ask them.


    Your most likely in since it hit your card, but still call.



    What's your alias?

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  2. 1 minute ago, Jim Gnitecki said:


    So Trail Boss leaves a bad residue? Hmm, that IS interesting since there was no problem firing the first 60 shots that were TiteGroup powered, but after 25 or so rTrail Boss powered shots, the problem manifested.


    Both of my replica Peacemaker revolvers are new to me, so I don't really have any meaningful experience with them.


    Jim G


    Yes, especially in straight wall cases and 357 cases would probably be worse than 38s.



  3. 4 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    I primarily shoot BP and have fired over 100 rounds through my revolvers without cleaning beyond a quick wipe down with some Ballistol and have never had any issues.


    When it comes to smokeless I've fired hundreds of rounds with no issues. 


    My first guess is the white lithium grease you are using is not up to the task. I use Mobil-1 full synthetic red grease. It is BP compatible and will not break down even under the harshest shooting conditions. In firearms that I might shoot BP in, I use Ballistol anywhere oil is required. For guns that I never shoot BP in I use Hornady One Shot. 


    Not to dismiss your experience, but I've used both Mobile-1 synthetic red and White Lithium. I personally prefer the White Lithium a tip I got from Joe West years ago. Use it in rifle and pistols, and i shoot real BP all the time. I doubt either are the problem in this case.


    I suspect a dirty cylinder face from that nasty heathen smokeyless Trail Boss; it's almost as clean as my Real Black Powder.. 




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  4. SOLD: 1894 Marlin Cowboy Competition .38 special, 20" barrel. JM Stamped, no action work that I'm aware of, had a safety delete put in along the way. Great condition other than a little cart wear on the barrel and it runs great. No trades, $1250 shipped. Receiving FFL must accept from a non-FFL.  



  5. For Sale IAC '87 Load 2 by Slater


    • IAC 1887
    • 12 gauge
    • 20" barrel
    • 12.5" length of pull, no padding under the butt cover so it's be real easy to lengthen.
    • load 2 & action job done by Slater. He does a similar action job to what Lassiter does and therefore can't load the tube. Lever tack welded and opens very easily and runs great.



    Great gun, I'm just accepting that I'm a double barrel kinda shooter and ready to move it along.

    No trades. $1000 OBO shipped CONUS. Receiving FFL must accept from a non FFL.






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  6. 2011-2012 - Frontier Cartridge Duelist


    2013 - Present - Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter


    Classic Cowboy and/or Steampunk off and on the whole time. I'd probably switch to either permanently if they allowed Gunfighter style.




  7. 2 hours ago, Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971 said:

    You are way ahead of most new shooters!  If you install lighter springs in your guns you will likely start reloading with Federal primers.


    Regarding black powder, start with smokeless powder.  Black powder has its own complexities you should avoid when starting.  You pretty much have to reload shotgun shells to shoot in a BP category.


    Starting out with Black Powder -> YES!!!!!


    Though I would recommend starting with a sub like APP instead of the real thing, but eventually go to Real Black Powder!



    Starting out with Percussion Revolvers -> NO.

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  8. One of my closest friend's has a surgical consult this afternoon(neck, c6 herniated disc). Not sure when the surgery will be, but y'all please keep her and her husband and daughter in your prayers; this will be her 2nd neck surgery in 7 years. 


    Update*** Surgery is 3/2 at 10am Eastern in Atlanta. She gets a replacement disc and a plate that spans four discs total. 


    UPDATE*** Mandy is out of surgery, doctors say everything went well.  Appreciate the continued prayers as she recovers.








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  9. If the Taylor tuning includes removal of the retractable firing pin assembly and replacing it with a real hammer, yes; pretty sure it doesn’t. otherwise get Piettas or better yet find some Ruger Vaqueros.

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