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  1. The 2020 Olympics, that are being played in 2021 .
  2. I recall that there was one several years ago, but I imagine that it has been archived and closed by now.
  3. HOLLY CRAP! Are they seriously doing what I think they are doing???
  4. You guys are making my screen all blurry...
  5. NOW ya tell me, after I done clicked on the darn thing!
  6. Well, ya gotta keep yer trousers up Larsen!
  7. I have osteoarthritis in both of my knees, so for my 64th birthday last year, my daughter and son-in-law gave me, and installed a chair height toilet. Man!, does that make a huge difference in the dismount! I would highly recommend going that route!
  8. Yes, had 'em and they have already done their thing and passed on.
  9. Here ya go... https://www.sassnet.com/EoT/2021results.php
  10. I lusted for years over wanting a pair of Ruger Old Army's, but my pockets weren't quite deep enough. Settled for a pair of Remington 1858 New Model Army replicas and have been very happy with them. If your pockets are deep enough, and you find a pair of Ruger Old Army's, go ahead and bite the bullet, their high price will not pass!
  11. Actually, today, you would save about $7.25 on a Subway footlong "Tuna" sandwich!
  12. I must confess, I cheat... I take one of these... spread it out in a Lodge cast iron skillet (10" for the small tube, or 12" for the large tube) and bake. Easy peasy!
  13. Here is a set from Midsouth Shooters that is in stock at a reasonable price...
  14. I Understand the budget thing, I truly do, but if I would have started reloading with that thing when I started 11 years ago, I would have quit very quickly. For about $5.00 more, based on Amazon, you could go with a simple, single stage press that would make your life a heck of a lot easier. True, you would still need to get a set of dies, but both of which would last you a lifetime, be more productive, produce a better quality round, with a lot less hassle.
  15. What a majestic animal! We had one hang around our backyard for a few days last June, it was awesome!
  16. HUH... I need to focus better, I read the title as Beer Cup Cake! Thought I'd find a cool new recipe!
  17. I find this hard to believe. A photo of the barrel would be helpful. "Now that he has there is no Rifling in it." What was he shooting? Could the barrel now be leaded up?
  18. There is a brass version available on line, like the one in the OP photo... https://sirjacks.com/products/brass-cigar-ashtray-match-striker
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