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  1. Like Evil Dogooder said, go somewhere else. I think the $3000 - $4000 quote was a WE-REALLY-DON'T-WANT-TO-DO-THE-WORK price.
  2. Using a 200 grain LRNFP bullet, 6.0 grains of Trail Boss and Winchester LP primers, I can load my .45 Colt rounds for about 12 cents a round.
  3. We have people at work that are so lazy they choose option #3 !
  4. Interesting process, but don't get the white out and food seasoning in the beginning.
  5. At least a Member with a NEWER Membership Card!
  6. If you are thinking about a Powder Cop Die, spend the few extra bucks and go with an RCBS Powder Lock-Out Die. I, too, load on a Hornady LNL AP press, and would not even think about loading on a progressive press without one! With a Powder Cop Die, you still have to visually keep an eye on it, a Lock-Out die will check and lock up if outside the set range.
  7. Just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean you can't look at the menu!
  8. Thanks for posting this on The Wire Ricochet! Greatly appreciate the update! See ya in November!
  9. My six year old granddaughter found one of those in my backyard a few weeks ago. Scary looking critter!
  10. Ahh Cooking With Cleavage! I use to LOVE that show!
  11. He should have changed it into a TOLL ROAD!
  12. A dog fart into the CPAP machine will get the same result! Trust me! Been there, done that!
  13. Apparently, the band KISS can't spell Cincinnati! These Tee's showed up at a recent concert here.
  14. Of course, they didn't offer this deal back in March when I stocked up on Goex from PVI! . Just goes to show, sometimes, timing IS everything!
  15. Shaken, not stirred!
  16. I bought a "Pardner Pump" 12 gauge shotgun a few years ago, and it was stamped okay on the receiver, but the barrel was roll stamped PARDNER RUMP!
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