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  1. Probably one of them modern ones that uses cassette tapes!
  2. Prior to the 2020 Pandemic, all of the clubs that I shot at would have a dedicated LTO. Present day, most still do, except for one club. There, you load, and the TO checks both pistols before proceeding.
  3. If you don't have the time to brew a cup of Espresso, you could always grab a handful of chocolate covered Espresso beans! The average cup of coffee contains 95 milligrams of caffeine, but the average serving of chocolate covered espresso beans has 150-175 milligrams!
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/have-you-seen/2020/09/15/golden-retriever-goes-fishing-alaska-and-catches-giant-salmon/5805278002/
  5. Low-bridge disasters can be painful to watch, and this particular one that ended with more than $2 million worth of damage is not an exception. The accident took place in Memphis 9/13/2020. The train in the video, which has cars marked both Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific Railway, can be seen going under a low clearance bridge and scraping the entire roof off of several train cars before it manages to stop. Since trains take a lot of time to stop completely, the painful scraping off goes for a while, totaling the brand new automobiles the train was carrying on the inside. Normally, advanced train dispatching systems are used to make sure accidents such as this one don't happen. While the reason behind it hasn't been disclosed yet, the system in question could have had wrong data about the height of the train or the clearance of the bridge. The cars that were totaled can be seen at the end of the video. The brand new Ford Explorer and Lincoln nautiluses indicate that this was probably a Ford transport train.
  6. I use an inexpensive espresso pot like THIS ONE, and it works great.
  7. Great map, but you are missing a few of your neighbors in southwestern Ohio... Wilmington Rough Riders Clinton County Farmers & Sportsmen's Association 301 Batson Road Wilmington, Ohio 45177 http://www.ccfsa.com/index.html Third Saturday, January through November Stonelick Regulators Miami Rifle & Pistol Club 5462 Stonelick-Williams Corner Road Batavia, Ohio 45103 http://miamirifle-pistol.org/category/scores/cowboy-action/ As scheduled, see web page
  8. Back in the day, when I was in outside sales, I knew where every drive-up pay phone was in my sales territory. Always had a roll of quarters in the car as well! Damn, I've gotten old!
  9. Thanks Hardpan! The black iron pipe is secured to the wall with the (2) flanges, that each have (4) 1/4" x 1.5" screws mounted into wall anchors drilled into the brick.
  10. It's 2020, nothing surprises me anymore...
  11. Okay, a followup question... Do they sleep standing up, or do they lay down?
  12. I agree with Bob, I love my cast iron! And contrary to popular belief, cast iron WILL work on a glass top range, you don't have to use it on only a gas range!
  13. I have (1) Walther Lever Action / Winchester 1894 Replica CO2 / .177 pellet rifle, and (2) Umarex John Wayne Peacemaker Colt SAA Replica pistols, which are also CO2 / .177 pellet. Lot of fun shooting in the backyard or basement range for either winter practice or pandemic lock-down mental health therapy!
  14. Seriously Alpo, it is your biometric reader to unlock your phone, or sign in to secure web sites with just your finger print. It has to be set up in settings of your phone first.
  15. Okay, I give. What in the world is THAT thing?
  16. Yeah, let us know how that works our for ya!
  17. BRILLIANT!!! I would pay cash to see that happen!
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