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  1. Okay, so I am a little confused with regards to Home Remedy #9, which states: IF YOU CAN'T FIX IT WITH A HAMMER, YOU'VE GOT AN ELECTRICAL PROBLEM. I can't fix this with a hammer, so is it truly an electrical problem, or do I need a plumber?
  2. Remove barrel to load... release trigger to fire... single shot... WHAT QUACKERY!
  3. Unless you can find a used Palvik somewhere, they are no longer in production.
  4. Yeah, but if you enjoy them longer than four hours, you need to call your doctor!
  5. Cheap Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner: Mix Dawn (a detergent, not a soap) with water. Apply to glasses and wipe off. I use a 1-2 ounce spray bottle that you can get from Walgreens, add a squirt of Dawn and fill with water. Been using that as an anti-fog on my glasses and SCUBA masks for 45 years! Will prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up as well.
  6. Those are the ones that are REALLY fun to screw with!
  7. I agree that they are pricey, but worth the peace of mind by eliminating the alternative results.
  8. In Ohio, we are suppose to wear masks in public, but my bank has a sign on their front door stating DO NOT ENTER WITH FACE MASK. They want their security cameras to see your face!
  9. Ask them how the weather is in India, and they usually hang up!
  10. Those callers are fun to screw with though!
  11. Sounds like she has been watching too many Progressive commercials on TV!
  12. Powder Valley has 1 pound, 4 pound and 8 pounders in stock...
  13. At least they look like they could be clean.
  14. Redneck ingenuity strikes again!
  15. Nope, that would be more like a snack!
  16. it's not that tough to get into reloading your own, and will save you some gold dust in the long run. Just sayin...
  17. "See, Honey, I really tried to sell it, but no one was interested. I guess I will just have to keep it."
  18. Honey, I tried to sell it, but no one wanted it!
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