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  1. My book, Rhunken Chronicles - Tongass, came out this past July. Living in Juneau Alaska I was hoping to capitalize on the tourist trade with the local story. However, it turned out to bad timing due to COVID. I hope that next year will be better. This being my first book of a series (I hope), I spent time building the characters to support this book as well as future ones. One of the subtle details I planted for the main protagonist was he shoots Cowboy Action. “She walked over to the shelves and checked out the pictures, knickknacks and other mementos, telling her a lot of Brad’s past. There were pictures of a younger Brad in a Navy uniform, his daughter at various ages, and his late wife, all with happy faces. A shadow box held some military shooting medals, some dating back more than twenty years, and eight fancy championship belt buckles with recent dates from state, territorial and national cowboy shooting events. A current photo of Brad in a cowboy outfit at a shooting competition made her smile. “Boys will be boys,” she said quietly.” In this book the Cowboy action shooting doesn’t play a big part but the plan is to have it make appearances in subsequent novels. I think the more press our sport gets the better, even if it’s just in passing. Coho
  2. Smoked Salmon, Artichoke dip with Hatch green chilies.
  3. The amount of ammo you can carry depends on the airline. I have travel many time on Alaska Airlines and carried 1K+ rounds and have had no issues. (Yes I cleared it with AK air) Coho
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