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  1. I guess the question of why anyone would ever need a large capacity magazine is now answered. (A special thanks to BLM and Antifa for making this clear for everyone).
  2. Howdy All, After seeing H.K. Uriah’s post, I couldn’t believe his timing. I have also recently completed my first novel and I’m in the process of getting it published, and in fact nearing the end. I am going through a small house and they require me to do some work (maybe all publishers do). I’m at the point of looking for endorsement quotes. One of the things I love most about SASS is the anonymity, and I don’t want to infringe on that. However, I thought, what the heck. If there is a noted writer, editor, just plain famous person out there that may want to help me out, I should ask. I figure, if I don’t ask, I don’t get a possible answer. Anyhow, If you think you can help, PM me and we can set something up. It's a Sci-Fi action based in Alaska Coho
  3. Smoked Salmon, Artichoke dip with Hatch green chilies.
  4. The amount of ammo you can carry depends on the airline. I have travel many time on Alaska Airlines and carried 1K+ rounds and have had no issues. (Yes I cleared it with AK air) Coho
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