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  1. Don't use Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. I don't.
  2. My book, Rhunken Chronicles - Tongass, came out this past July. Living in Juneau Alaska I was hoping to capitalize on the tourist trade with the local story. However, it turned out to bad timing due to COVID. I hope that next year will be better. This being my first book of a series (I hope), I spent time building the characters to support this book as well as future ones. One of the subtle details I planted for the main protagonist was he shoots Cowboy Action. “She walked over to the shelves and checked out the pictures, knickknacks and other mementos, telling her a lot of B
  3. The amount of ammo you can carry depends on the airline. I have travel many time on Alaska Airlines and carried 1K+ rounds and have had no issues. (Yes I cleared it with AK air) Coho
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