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  1. Mighty fine looking boots, sorry to hear that you are no longer going to be joining us. If they were a 10 1/2 I would be all over these.
  2. I have spent way to much money this month but this is just to good to pass up. I will take it.
  3. Still cleaning up my reloading room and found more 38-55 brass and bullets. 150 rounds of brass, 100 new and 50 once fired, $85 shipped. 165 */- 265 grain gas check bullets, $85 shipped. Buy both for $160 shipped. GREEN ammo box is not included!
  4. I'm sirry, I just saw this ir I would have purchased. Picked one up last Tues.
  5. He has the info of where he sent the money, he needs to file a complaint with his state AG Office.
  6. Still cleaning up my 44-40 items but this should be the last of them. I hope to ship all dies except #1 by USPS will be $12 shipping. I purchased all dies use from other shooters. 1, Set of Lee Dies $35 to you 2, Mixed set, Lyman sizer and seater and Lee Crimp $35 to you
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