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  1. I have a box of 10 ga shells 12 are green plastic, "Nitro Express" 12 have some have writing on the brass; 3-3/4 BP, 4 BP. shells are longer magnum, 5 are marked with a paper with ; 209 1- 1/4 oz #5 114 GR. FFG sp 10.

    My father in law was a black powder shooter, the box is dated 9/80.

    1. Rancho Roy

      Rancho Roy

      Thank you for the offer. But I found all I need for the moment. Be well!

  2. got 4 nmv hammers took off my ruger nmv


    $25 ea 

    1. Rancho Roy

      Rancho Roy

      Thanks, but someone offered me two just before you did. But I appreciate the offer.

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