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  1. The reason why LOTR never seems to get old is because by the time you finally reach the end of it you can't remember what happened at the beginning!
  2. The original L-flip rear sight was ideal for the M1 Carbine. The fancy adjustable unit that replaced it after WW2 was a complete waste of time on a rifle not meant for targets beyond 200 yards. For some reason the higher-ups could never be convinced that the average solder cannot be expected to shoot a flea off a Hun's scalp at 800 yards under combat conditions.
  3. I've got a '43 Inland post-war mixmaster. Not one of my more oft-fired rifles but it is sure fun when I do.
  4. He's a cowboy. He should've been firing into the air. Honestly though, hope it wasn't anything too serious and that you're on the mend. Sounds really scary to have a medical emergency with absolutely nobody around.
  5. The inconsistent rim thickness of bulk ammo might partially explain why I have so many misfires with that garbage.
  6. Being a moderator on another site, I can only say half the members consider me a Nazi while the other half think I'm always sleeping on the job. Just can't win.
  7. A properly rebuilt engine is better than a new one. One slapped together using nothing but used and cleaned parts tested to be barely within specs obviously isn't. It's time-consuming and more money initially, but I prefer to rebuild the original engines in of my vehicles since at least I know the history behind them and can control what gets saved or replaced.
  8. I know a lot of guys think that way, but personally she bugs the hell out of me. She's actually the reason why I rarely watch C&Rsenal, even though it's a channel that's right up my alley.
  9. Churchill - I'm having trouble deciding what costume to wear for the Halloween ball. Lady Astor - Why don't you just go sober? Nobody will recognize you.
  10. I'm surprised nobody has yet quoted the all-time master of one-liners and epic put-downs, "Dirty Harry" Callahan. Harry: "Sergeant, do you have any kids?" Sergeant: "Nope." Harry: "Lucky for them...".
  11. If characters in movies always did things the smart way pretty soon the entire movie would get really boring. After all, if you're a pretty young lady alone in a dark house at night, and you hear an unearthly noise in the attic, what is the smart thing to do? Why, go and investigate, of course!
  12. $79.95 for a Garand seems like a great price, until you remember that you only made $3/hr back then.
  13. Remember that summer's coming. When it's hot outside it seems people are much more easily pissed off by even the slightest annoyance, and some of these clueless "idiots" you scream at may actually be armed.
  14. I was wondering why the Frisbee kept getting bigger and bigger... then it hit me.
  15. Here in WA state even the Model 60 is considered an assault rifle. I bought a used one a couple months ago from Cabelas, and with all the extra paperwork and waiting period BS I had to go through you'd think I was buying a truck full of full-auto AKs. Trust me, even tube-fed .22 semi-autos are not safe from the gun grabbers.
  16. Previous reports are that they intend to bring back the Model 60, but the lever guns are the priority right now.
  17. With the way ammo is going maybe we need to create a Ralphie category and shoot targets with Daisy Red Ryders. 10 point penalty for shooting your own eye out. 20 for shooting the RSO's eye out.
  18. In all fairness to the Russians, they lost something on the order of 27 million people to that other goose-stepping idiot, so Victory Day is something of a big thing for them. Of course we won't get into the argument of how many of those casualties were as much Stalin's doing as Hitler's.
  19. That looks like it happened here in Washington... meaning the driver most likely passed anyway.
  20. You can bet he and his Hollywood/liberal elite buddies not only have power all the time, but lush green manicured lawns as well.
  21. I haven't seen it. All you have to say is "Hollywood disaster movie" and I stay away.
  22. Probably also gave him the okay to eat like a pig.
  23. I didn't realize that there was a buying panic on external-hammer SxS's as well. But then again, I was casually looking for a new cap n' ball revolver last night and found all of those are sold out everywhere too.
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