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  1. We are already planning a trip back to the Winchester, Va. area. Tell me more about the Holiday Open House. ??????
  2. Also went to the open house and purchased a Uberti Stallion Birdshead 38 special from the ding and dent pile. Got a good deal on a pistol that I wanted. I ended up driving 295 miles each way from NW North Carolina. Had a great time. My wife and I did chat with Boomstick Bruce and others.
  3. Thanks for all of the replies. Sounds like it is going to be fun.
  4. I am thinking about going to the Taylor's & Co. Open House on May 10 in Winchester, VA, but it is about a 5-6 hour drive, one way. Before investing this much time and energy in this endeavor, I was hoping to get some feedback from folks who have attended. If any of you that have attended are willing to comment, what might I expect to see / do at this event? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  5. The subject pretty much says it all. Anyone have anything to offer, or anyone have any suggestions? Looking for a knife with a 3-5 inch blade, and would like the knife to sit at 45 degrees. I am right handed, so the knife should ride on my left side (?). To fit a standard thick 1.5 inch gun belt.
  6. I bought a 5 pound jug of Trail Boss about two weeks ago at Sportsman's Warehouse in Wilmington, NC for $99.99. It was the last jug that I could find. I looked at their website and they only had the small 9 0z container available, but that was out of stock.
  7. Now this is a thoughtful response. I meant my original question in jest, but this response is fantastic. I agree that reclaimed shot in a bushing would likely give a higher weight / density than new shot. So, I learned something new today, even when trying to be funny!!!!!!!!! Thank you, GJ.
  8. I was just fooling with y'all. You remember the joke back in the day, what weighs more, 50 pounds of bricks or 50 pounds of feathers? In most worlds, 50 pounds is 50 pounds.
  9. Is 3/4 oz of reclaimed shot lighter than 3/4 oz of new shot?
  10. I might just try this. It fits my skill level.
  11. Thank you, everyone, for all of this information. Very nice to have it all in one location. Decisions, decisions. I think the first thing I will try is the lever wrap technique suggested by @Matthew Duncan. Please keep ideas coming.....Seems like most of the vendors are located out west? I am in NC.
  12. I might consider one (Slapout) for my coach gun also. They look really good. The (Slapout) lever wrap looks good also, and about the least expensive I have seen. Thank you for offering up the information.
  13. Good morning. I have a Winchester / Miroku 1873 Carbine that I want to install a lever wrap and a butt stock cover. Obviously want the two items to match as closely as possible. Most of the lever wraps I have seen are sewed on with some type of "waxed" thread. Is this a good option? I think I want the stock cover to be sewn on with leather strips (shoe strings?). Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences, and feel free to make any suggestions to steer me in the right direction. I have been cowboy shooting for about 6 months.
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