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  1. Hardpan, that is wonderful! I am so glad you got that for him! And you are right, the perfect birthday present!
  2. My dad used to tell me when he was a boy growing up, someone would pass away. If they weren't sure what the cause was, they'd say they passed away from "consumption". I have no idea what that means.
  3. Looks like a nice set-up. The water heater on the camp stove is a great idea! Seems to be very made (both tent and stove). It appears it would work out very well for you! Looks like a nice camp set-up to hunker down in from the cold.
  4. He's an overachiever! Eventually, he'll try it on the wrong car, wrong driver.
  5. Wonderful way to honor your father!
  6. Good for you! And good for that young man! He sure deserved to be recognized for what he did.
  7. Well said Forty Rod. I appreciate all of you that have served our country. At times it doesn't seem like it, but we still are the greatest nation on earth, and we owe that to all of you that fought to keep it that way.
  8. Another gorgeous one Bob! Thank you for sharing it!
  9. Very nice Bob! You were looking good, on a good-looking Honda as well!
  10. Prayers for the both of you!
  11. I received my 32-40 ammo today from Neches Slim! Great guy to deal with!
  12. Gentlemen, here are a couple of pictures of Hample's cases I had made. He is very good, and reasonable! 2 photos are of a coffin case he made for my son's 1851 Navy, and 2 photos of my Skeeter Skelton owned Mitchell Arms .45 Colt. I cannot say enough about his work!
  13. -Yes, check out Hampel's Woodland Products here: https://www.hampelswoodlandproducts.com/ I have had them make me at least 8-10 things over the years. Beautiful craftmanship at great prices! He's a heck of a nice guy as well!
  14. They look like beautiful paintings. Thank you for sharing, Bob!
  15. That is perfect for her! Beautiful job, and wood! You are truly a Master Craftsman!
  16. I only drink beer on any day that ends with "day". Bottoms up!
  17. Whoever purchases your 71 Winchester is going to have a fine rifle, in a wonderful cartridge! I haven't been without a Model 71 in over 30 years. The actions are smooth, reliable, and the .348 is a hard hitting round! Good luck with the sale of your beautiful Winchester!
  18. Another good one from you Bob!
  19. Any day you can get out of bed, is the start of a good day!
  20. I seem to always root for the underdog!
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