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  1. It sounds like Coltsweeper had a very good friend as well! I am sorry for your loss, Highwall. My thoughts and prayers for you and his family.
  2. That was a very thoughtful idea! Good for you, and good for her!
  3. My heart aches with you and for you. They're not just a dog, a pet. They are a member of the family. Let the memories of the happiness, and joy brought to you by Chiquita, and that you brought to Chiquita be with you.
  4. They're a beautiful revolver! Enjoy it, and good for you!
  5. You both look quite content.
  6. You have to respect him and his country, for what they are putting up with! I hope Ukraine keeps giving Putin more than he bargained for!
  7. Bob, I'm a lot like you. This time of year, I really have trouble finding motivation. There are always things to do, but I have to make myself do them.
  8. Sounds like a good read! Love the original movie. Never considered seeing the remake.
  9. I'd have taken him as well! Good for you!
  10. I've had them twice myself. I couldn't pass the first one so, they went up through ...and yanked it out. I hate the stent as bad as the stones! Hang in there!
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