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  1. SASS is still probably my most obscure hobby. Most of my other ones are pretty normal. I’ve had some passive interest in miniature wargaming over the years (Warhammer 40k, mostly, although Battletech has recently piqued my interest) but just started dipping my toe into a game called Gaslands, which is sort of Mad Max themed and uses modified Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars as game pieces. I haven’t even played a game yet- modifying the cars is too much fun. I’ve also been playing with 3D printing for the past 2 years, which has been fun, rewarding, and sometimes frustrating. My nieces and nephews all recently expressed an interest in trying Dungeons and Dragons. I played a few years ago with some friends, so now I’m the Dungeonmaster when the kids want to play. That’s been a riot so far.
  2. Snap caps arrived today, and they fit great. Unfortunately, it looks like this gun has a weak or broken trigger return spring, so I'll have to figure that out now. They also fit this Bulldog copy, which does have a functioning trigger return spring!
  3. I'd like something like that too. I really like the look of that one.
  4. I own two of their 1873 rifles and love them.
  5. I almost always carry concealed. Either OWB in a Safariland ALS holster,or IWB in a basic Kydex holster. Nothing at all against open carry or those who feel comfortable doing it regularly, I just don't like feeling exposed and want to retain the element of surprise. When I do open carry, it's usually while hiking or camping.
  6. I'll have to pull the grips tonight and take a look. I'll probably end up going with black powder regardless, because I've got a couple other old pocket pistols that I suspect are the same caliber, but which I know aren't smokeless capable. I ordered some snap caps and will report back when I get a chance to try them.
  7. Thank you! That helps. I'll have to find some .38 S&W rounds or snap caps to try it with. I'm assuming, given it's age, it would be blackpowder only, right? Here's the gun:
  8. What's the best way to determine whether an old revolver is .38 S&W, when no caliber markings are present? I've got an old H&R breaktop without any caliber markings on it, but which I was told was a .38 when I bought it years ago.
  9. The canvas pants look great! Great idea. I'll have to try that.
  10. I remember the excitement I felt when I bought my Uberti SAA clones. They were stock (still are, except for the springs), and to borrow a phrase, there were many like them, but they were mine. I am happy when any fellow shooter gets a new gun, no matter how common or unique, because I assume they get that same feeling I did (and which I still get when I get a new gun).
  11. Good observation. I'll take that a step further and suggest it really starts on an individual level. I don't dress to the standard of B-Western and Classic Cowboy, (I keep things fairly simple but above the minimum standard) but I appreciate those who do - it makes the game more colorful. That being said, I don't have a problem with those who are happy competing while dressed at or near the minimum standard, and I don't believe we need a new minimum standard. I've not personally noticed a trend in shooters not "dressing cowboy", except for visitors/guests or folks who are just getting started and are still putting everything together. To those who are bemoaning a perceived decline in costuming, I would ask, what are you doing to encourage your fellow shooters to up their costume game? Are you setting an example that makes people want to emulate you? Have you elevated your costume to the next level? I believe in being an ambassador for the sport - are we being ambassadors for good costuming to others WITHIN the sport?
  12. Locking the shop is a good idea. If I were you I'd probably put a lock on the garbage cans, too! Tell him it's to keep scavengers out. My Father in Law is a PITA, in a different way than your son in law is. I work from home, and have taken to closing the door of my office and pretending to be on a conference call whenever he's over during work hours (a couple times a week).
  13. I left FB shortly after getting married, so 4 years now. I haven't missed it a bit. Instagram was fun for a while but I abandoned that early last year. Gab and Telegram are much more useful for me at this point. I'd still like to find a non-Zuckerberg owned alternative for Instagram, though,
  14. I say go for it, if your wife likes it! I almost always wear some kind of belt knife to matches. One of these, usually, along with my screw knife. The smallest of them is definitely the one I wear most often, although I’ll still wear the big Bowie occasionally.
  15. I just refer to mine as my '73 or 1873. If anyone asks further I say it's a Uberti.
  16. Sorry to hear this Bob. My condolences and prayers for you and your family.
  17. An old college roommate had a Godin, and it was a great sounding/playing guitar. Same roommate played a Gibson acoustic. Sadly, I can't help much - I have no experience with Zager. My acoustics are a Seagull and a Taylor. The Seagull is comfortable like a well worn pair of shoes, but I think the Taylor has the slimmer, more electric-like neck. Both sound great.
  18. Sounds like your revolver's defective. You should send it to me so I can dispose of it safely...
  19. Love Dillon's customer service. Any time I talk to someone who's considering getting into reloading, I tell them to get a Dillon 550 and not look back.
  20. I think I need one of those in my kitchen! Now to convince Little Red that it goes with her decor... Shouldn't be too hard, since there's an 1860 Army on a stand right by the kitchen table!
  21. This is the approach I most agree with. The ATV is yours on paper, but if you told her it was a gift, she’s not wrong to take you at your word on that. So I wouldn’t retain possession of it. That said, you’re under no obligation to buy it from her either. If she wants to sell it, you could tell her you’re not going to store it for free, and that she needs to come pick it up, then sell it herself. If she left behind clothes or other minor stuff that could be considered hers, you could box that up and have her take that at the same time to make it clear you’re not going to be her storage unit. The rifle is another story, despite also being a gift. I wouldn’t give a rifle to someone with a history of self harm.
  22. I had similar thoughts. Looking at the threads in the Saloon right now, I can see plenty that have nothing to do with CAS or the wild west. And that's fine! It's what the Saloon is for. I don't understand people getting their knickers in a bunch because someone wants to start a thread for modern guns. I think it's great! If you don't, that's OK, but a modern guns thread seems well within the scope of the Saloon to me.
  23. Nice work! I have a .45 in the same configuration and finish. I’ve been considering giving it the same treatment you did.
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