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  1. I have received the loadin blocks today. They are awesome! They are everything I expected and beyond. I am sure they will give me years and years of use. I can't wait to try them out at my next match.
  2. Still waiting for mine to land here in Denmark. I ordered the same colour as yours. I have a belt and holster from Galco awaiting it's arrival.
  3. This morning I picked out and paid for an Uberti "Winchester" 1873 Competition in .357Mag at a local gunstore. Now I just have to await the paperwork. It will take a while, it always does here. I had the pleasure of trying out a very nicely tuned example of this rifle - as well as a Rossi 1892 - at my first CAS match last saturday. Both are nice rifles, but for me the 1873 had a definite edge on alle accounts.
  4. They are legal in Denmark, they may actually even be easier to obtain a permit for than a cartridge cylinder for a cap and ball revolver. I have been gravitating towards a pair of Uberti Colt 1851 Richards-Mason conversions with 5.5" barrels lately. I find them very elegant and interesting looking.
  5. New handmade horsehair hat bands for my bowler and Stetson, made by; https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/shop/Knotatail?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=545497605 I think Roberta has done a very fine job here, I can definitly recommend her work. She is also very pleasant to communicate with.
  6. It is my impression that Baikal has always been a budget brand here, the more high-end models being reserved for the Soviet elite at the time. Generally Baikals, even the cheaper optians, are fairly high quality - if not slightly rough. Baikals are known to requite a fairly long break-in period due to very tight tolerances. Today it would probably be possible to import Baikals more high-end offerings, but considering the lack of prestige connected to the brand outside of Russia, I doubt anyone would find it feasible. Baikal made (makes?) a very nice double b
  7. Ammunition and firearms, though mostly shotgun ammunition and shotguns, from the Eastern Bloc were by no means uncommon here in Denmark during the cold war. There were a few Danish importers who specialized in that field. Baikal is still a big brand when it comes to shotguns here - and you will also find the occasional Baikal Margolin pistol in .22LR.
  8. They are a Polish brand called Nitron: https://www.joesalter.com/category/products/Polish-22-LR-Ammo-By-Nitron
  9. Alias: Redbeard Jake SASS#: 110851 Hometown: Serridslev (Horsens), Denmark Home club: Branchcreek Bandits (Djurske Sortkrudtsskytter) Just started this year
  10. I recieved my badge yesterday I don't think I have ever recieved a welcome package as nice as that from any club.
  11. We bathe more often now... But, we still fight dirty.
  12. Thank you. I will put a couple of repro. 1851s on the list (and look for a way to import a couple of cyilinders from Taylor's) then. Realistically I will probably most often shoot the 1851s with cap and ball. But I have always, for some reason, found conversion revolvers fascinating, a recent video by Mike Beliveau (duelist1954) re-kindled the desire to own and shoot some.
  13. Would a pair of repro Colt 1851 Navys with Taylor's & Company conversion cylinders installed be considered SASS legal? I am aware that they are not the most practical option, but I consider them a possible and fun secondary option (if SASS legal), once I have obtained a second Pietta 1873 SAA and a rifle for my main loadout.
  14. Soon there will be a pair in Denmark too I just placed an order.
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