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    Horsens, Denmark
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    Shooter, hunter, re-enactor, collector of arms and antiques, amateur mixologist, small batch liquer enthusiast, volunteer cpl. in the Danish Home Guard, all-round outdoor person and coffee nerd.

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  1. I especially like the turkey sitting on the barbed wire fence. I grew up on a turkey farm here in Denmark - thus half of my alias; "jake" (an adolescent male turkey).
  2. A photo from last weekends' training match, showing off my "new" 1913 Sauer & Sohn "Falke" 12 gauge. The old girl has some battle scars - but she shoots straight and is mechanically sound. Redbeard Jake Been shooting CAS since march 2021 SASS #110851 Home club is Branchcreek Bandits (Grenaa, Denmark) A few snaps from a western themed photo session I did recently: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jakobeep/albums/72177720298548248
  3. Having used these for every match I have attented (about twice a month) since I got them, I can say that the only regret I have is that I did not order five of them to begin with. That will have to be mended soon Untill recently I shot different loads in my revolvers and rifle - and I learned the hard way that my revolver loads were too short for the action of my 1873 rifle. At the same match (different stage) I managed to loose count of my rifle ammo - and went to the stage with only five in the tube As soon as I came home from that match, I ordered my loading blocks. In my experience using loading blocks like these makes you not only faster at the reloading table - it also allows you focus more on the stage ahead while reloading. The loading blocks has held up through blistering heat, cold and rain. Edit: Just placed an order for three more.
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