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  1. I ended up with a pair of Uberti 1873 Cattleman El PatrĂ³n Competition and a Uberti 1873 Competition Rifle - all in .357 Mag I have so far shot the rifle in one match - and found it to my expactations. The revolvers will have their first go tomorrow.
  2. I ordered mine shortly after reading the e-mail. I am faily new to SASS, but it already brings me so much joy that I do not mind chipping in.
  3. I have received the loadin blocks today. They are awesome! They are everything I expected and beyond. I am sure they will give me years and years of use. I can't wait to try them out at my next match.
  4. This morning I picked out and paid for an Uberti "Winchester" 1873 Competition in .357Mag at a local gunstore. Now I just have to await the paperwork. It will take a while, it always does here. I had the pleasure of trying out a very nicely tuned example of this rifle - as well as a Rossi 1892 - at my first CAS match last saturday. Both are nice rifles, but for me the 1873 had a definite edge on alle accounts.
  5. Alias: Redbeard Jake SASS#: 110851 Hometown: Serridslev (Horsens), Denmark Home club: Branchcreek Bandits (Djurske Sortkrudtsskytter) Just started this year
  6. Soon there will be a pair in Denmark too I just placed an order.
  7. Thank you, I really appriciate that. I am in contact with two clubs more local to me atm. But due to the covid, everything is closed down right now. As soon as the ranges open up, I will be heading out to shoot. I already have a full 1880-90s kit ready (I am a long time multi period re-enactor, building kits is a thing I really enjoy). The only things I am missing is one revolver (and leather for that), a rifle and some shotgun shell holders (maybe a bandolier).
  8. Our laws state that you require a permit for importing "parts essential for making the gun function". I would say that includes springs, but honestly I am not sure. The word here is; if in doubt, apply for a permit.
  9. That sounds like a good plan to me. I guess I could use the competition out of the box (more so than the standard 20" short rifle) and then upgrade it over time?
  10. Importing parts is no problem (if the supplier is willing ot ship), the permit is free - but takes 6-8 weeks to obtain. I would probably even be able to install lighter springes myself, I generally take my new weapons apart anyway when getting them and I have restored quite a few rifles over the years.
  11. A brand new stock Uberti 1873 competition rifle or 20" short rifle costs around $ 1800,- here. A tune up by a professional gunsmith would be around $ 300,- + the price of any replacement parts, which would have to be imported or custom made. The only gunsmith that can be said to have any substantial experience on the 1873 here is located 160+ miles from me, shipping the rifle back and forth would be $ 170,-
  12. I am currently in the process of deciding between a Uberti 1873 competition rifle or a Uberti 20" short rifle in .357Mag. Here in Denmark getting a 1873 tuned up by a professional gunsmith with experience on the 1873 is more or less not an option. There are gunsmiths who can and will do it, but for a considerable price compared to the base price of the rifle. Aesthetically I prefer the traditional butt stock and metal butt plate of the short rifle, but as far as I understand the shotgun style stock and thin rubber butt pad of the competition rifle can still be considere
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