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  1. Howdy Deacon,


    Dont let Blackie Cole undermine your sale of these fine pistols. If you listed those on gunbroker or gunauction you'd have no trouble getting those prices. If you leave them on here long enough you'll sell them here also and you'll get your price. They are well worth the 2k. Blackie says a lot of crap and not many people pay attention to him anymore.


    Good Luck



    Yul Lose

    1. Steel-eyed Deacon, SASS # 60770

      Steel-eyed Deacon, SASS # 60770

      Yul,  I very much appreciate your message.  I chose to take the high road and not respond back to him but I did have the urge to post that my cancer doctor used to charge less than he does now too.  I did not post it on the wire because I am not looking for a sympathy sale but I am seeking the money to pay off cancer bills.


      Thanks again and I hope to shoot a match with you some day and tell you thank you in person.



    2. Yul Lose

      Yul Lose

      Howdy Deacon,


      I'm sorry to hear about your plight with cancer. I hate that word. I wish I was a little more flush and I'd help you out and take something off your hands. I wouldn't drop the price anymore unless you're desperate because I do feel that someone out there wants them and will pay the price.


      One thing I've found with Blackie is if you ignore him he'll more than likely disappear. 


      Wishing you the the best of luck and good health.



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