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  1. And the old races at Bristol and Darlington weren't? Before Bristol was 'improved', you ran at the bottom and the only way to pass was to root the car ahead of you off the bottom line (one way or another- including by 'getting him loose' with your chrome horn). At Darlington, hitting the wall on exit of a turn was an accepted tactic and the resulting damage was referred to as a 'Darlington Stripe'. A kid went rim riding last season- rubbing the wall to keep it straight- and to get into their playoffs and NASCAR declared it illegal for this season.
  2. The quarter mile bullrings are a lot more common than the superspeedways. What's really different about them running in the Coliseum and Bristol holding a football game? NASCAR has gotten away from the short (1/4 or 1/2 mile) tracks in recent years. It didn't help that the owners of Charlotte has been buying up tracks and shifting races between the tracks they own. Bristol tickets were left in wills (which were immediately contested by the family members that didn't get them) and it was a perennial sellout for both races with the night race considered a bucket list stop- until the progressive banking was put in and the racing was changed to just like ever other track.
  3. A special kit was offered with the Pontiac Aztek for car camping.
  4. There's also a not so serious side on occasion, too. Then again, they are British and the Brits are known to be a mite off at times.
  5. Seriously, a 5 shot big bore revolver works for cc. A DAO 5 shot .44Special has been in my carry rotation since the late '90's.
  6. Bad batch of tarantula juice. Not enough soap, too much tobacco.
  7. Could be worse. Could be yet another striker-fired piece of Fantastic Plastic with the aesthetics of a dried dog turd.
  8. That's a given since they are Australian wildlife.
  9. Not as gamey as Spotted Owl and less stringy than Condor.
  10. Considering that Lyman has been in business since the Allin conversions were introduced, it could be OEM.
  11. The Kardashians are only silent at this time because they don't want to cross the Men In Black and get sent back to Omicron Persei VIII- where they fell out of favor with the rulers.
  12. On the other hand, that's the safest chair in the county at the moment.
  13. Sniffy is just trying to earn his daily ice cream. He'll do whatever he's told.
  14. With the current bunch in control? Common sense is a super power almost everywhere these days but inside the Beltway, it's a thing of myths and legends. This crew doesn't give reality even a passing nod without being forced to do so, so what makes you think that they are capable of thinking things through that far out?
  15. And when has that stopped an American Administration from foreign folly?
  16. The Big Guy (aka "The Sock Puppet in Chief ") only gets 10%. A measly 3 tanks ought to be easier to deposit than 2 1/2 dozen.
  17. Gee, you think so? Sniffy, the Sock Puppet in Chief who is just in it for the free ice cream, tells his stories about whooping Corn Pop and nobody believes him. On the other hand, I figger TR was serious and considered the note as fair warning.
  18. I just carry Louis L'Amour westerns to read. And wear a suit and tie every day.
  19. Or folks that move out to the country, buy a piece of land across the road from a feed lot and then complain about the smell. Small town dirt tracks and drag strips get noise complaints from the same type of folks, too.
  20. The two guys on the right could have fit in well in the American West from what they are wearing- and those mustaches. Throw a belt on the middle one (especially) holding a Colt in a slim jim and a cap pouch and he could pass for a town cop in the late 1860's or early 70's anywhere on the frontier.
  21. I see one in Auburn every once in a while that is G8R H8R.
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