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  1. Have to agree. Many of the pans at the cabin that cooked irregularly on the glass top, work beautifully on the electric coil replacement stove. I also have learned to appreciate gas stoves!
  2. Right? Now, my first husband is not a bad fella...just is two people. One who drinks, and one who drinks too much. We still can talk on the phone...Shanley too. Shanley and I met at 12. Would we have stayed married if we'd married after HS??? Who knows.
  3. Oh my!!! And doesn't think ring true for all of this??? I tell ya....had a friend who was so very great, but was a heavy girl. His momma was very heavy, so he had decided he was not going to date someone heavy. Later down the road, he married a very pretty, slim gal. He is still married, has children he loves...and a wife who is still slim...but not very balanced.
  4. No, no...don't take it that way....you are an 'affiliated' member. You shoot the game we do. Stick around.
  5. Singing In The Rain Brigadoon Once More, With Feeling (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
  6. I dressed like Judy Garland as a Harvey Girl for start of WB match at WR a couple years back. Dixie Belle was the only person who understood my costume! Belly up, belly up to the bar boys! Classic!
  7. Wicked is often sung here at the house... I'm Not That Girl is the only song I attempt at the piano! (Shanley told us that Phantom needed a break, as he found himself humming one of the songs while in the shower. He said worse was, he knew where the song was sung in the story!)
  8. Yes, I bet you knew them by heart!!! I was Meg in Damn Yankees in HS. Was in Carousel in college...sang You'll Never Walk Alone, June Is Bustin' Out All Over...bet my folks learned those songs by heart as well.
  9. I have to agree... We appreciate each other, having been married to the wrong people before.
  10. The Music Man Mame State Fair Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  11. I sing Sisters...Sisters...quite often!!! Love White Christmas!!!
  12. Fantastiks...Carousel...Bye, Bye Birdie....
  13. Most of the non-stick will fail. But, the higher $$ coated, when used with moderate heat and no metal utensils, will last years. Cast Iron is FOREVER. *The flat top/smooth top stoves tell you not to use cast iron on them...it breaks down the elements.
  14. Awww....be a great man, the good women will find you Thanks again for helping us find a geat route from Maquoketa to Etna Green. It was a pure joy not to have traffic!!!
  15. For the days when everything feels like too much … · Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It Changes Everything. I know I once was young, beautiful, free of wrinkles, flat bellied...firm bodied...BUT was ignorant about much. I learned through scripture, but MORE SO by the actions of my husband, that the previous things don't mean a hill of beans. all I will say on the matter...
  16. You are too hard on yourself...or, too hard on those poor women. I don't know which!!!
  17. I have never really had issues shopping for Shanley...nor him, me. This year...while shopping for groceries, we passed the flowers. I grabbed a bundle, handed it to him and said " hand these to me, kiss me and tell me Happy Birthday." He did, and a young man behind us giggled and told us "we rock!" Later, passing the clothing I spied a sweater I liked. So I told him "thank you" for my Christmas present. That got a few strange looks. Now, Shanley has mentioned a certain item about 3 times this past year...so that will be coming in the next couple of weeks...a combo Christmas/ Birthday, as his is soon approaching. For now, I am the older woman!! Below, the flowers from Walmart...arranged by me.
  18. You too??? We are blessed, us Christmas Eve babes!
  19. We will be in on Jan 21st for Work Party....does that count???
  20. I simply put in SASS clubs in ... into the search engine, and it pulls up the clubs. Question: has anyone sent this information to the SASS office, that it hasn't worked...for years???
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