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  1. 2 hours ago, Nasty Newt # 7365 said:

    I agree.  SD has been yukking it up about how much smarter they are than everybody else about this virus, with a state population of less than 900,000.  The largest city in the state has fewer people than will be congregating elbow to elbow in tiny Sturgis, coming from all over the country.  I guess we'll soon find out how smart that is.

    Well we found out how smart Memorial Day and Independence Day gatherings were. Not very.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    With my luck the wind would blow the “seasoning” on to me. The bear might like spicy human. :lol:

    Note to rookie campers. Do not spray the ground around your campsite thinking it will repel bears. It won’t,  :lol:

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  3. Finagler sent me some great army field ear items the other day, knowing my penchant for collecting old smelly surplus stuff.

    Included in the treasure trove was this! dated 62. Thank goodness I have a compressor. :D

    I will not call it by it's uncouth GI nickname.

    Air Mattress3.jpg


    And this morning, as expected. :D:D


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  4. 6 minutes ago, Trailrider #896 said:

    Have you talked to somebody on the "Ameche" lately? (Actor Don Ameche played Alexander Graham Bell in the movie.  Some folks started calling the telephone, "The Ameche" after the movie came out.)

    What people???:lol:

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  5. 12 minutes ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:


    X2 on J frame S&W 38/357.

    Crimson Trace LASER grip is a good choice to go with it.

    I use the LG-405. I do see they are OOS of this and many other at this time.




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  6. 42 minutes ago, Assassin said:

    A gal killed Grizz with a 22lr rifle up in Red Lodge many years back. Not my choice either. 

    I'd stick with a big bore revolver, pass on slide guns of any type if I'm crawling around and camping in back country. I'm sure you and my brother are more experienced with crawling around in crappy conditions with 1911's. Thanks for your service.  I'm just not sold on 45 acp for penetrating the skull of a large carnivore.

    Most black bears I've seen were not huge. Other than cubs, I've never seen a small Grizzly bear. Last black bear I saw up close was dead on the road in front of my house, little sow, maybe 80#. She got hit by a vehicle

    Seen a guy attempt to finish off a moose with a 40, it bounced off the skull, 357 did the job.

    There are many options, I'd choose the 45LC  over Glock. I'd load up 300 grain bullets.

    I doubt Smoky Pistols will have an altercation with a bear. 2 legged critters seem to be the current threat.





    The chance of hitting the skull is pretty slim, and yeah they're really hard anyway. Best is a throat shot if they're coming right at ya. I nealy ran into a big sow a few tears ago. I was running up my hill to look at a big smoke column to see if it was approaching the ranch. A huge bear walking on a cross trail passed in front of me not more than 8-10 yards away. I reached for my pistol which was down in the house. I had run out the door fast concentrating on the ossibly approaching fire.

    Fortunately the breeze was with me and she meandered on her way. I headed back downhill as fast as my stumpy legs would carry me, got in the truck and drove up the road till I spotted the fire. It was moving away from us. I went home and uncorked a bottle of bourbon.

    Then a few years later we had a visitor to the pond. He was at the bottom of the back steps as I opened the door unbeknownst to me. we both got a start.

    Back to the bourbon.

    Bears can cause a drinkin problem.


    Bear posing.jpg

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Capt. R. Hugh Kidnme said:

    Tell them to give the .32 H&R mag, Charter Arms Undercoverette a try. Light, affordable, decent DA trigger pull. And, one more round than a S&W small frame .357.


    With 85gn self defense ammo, it will change a lot of people's bad intentions.

    Good choice. I’d never recommend a small frame 357 for a novice. 

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  8. If they’re not gun savvy I would urge them to consider a J frame or Ruger. Without training and experience a semi auto is a problem. And I’m not talking the basic familiarity training you get at a ccw course.

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  9. 44 minutes ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    Honestly, for black bears, I wouldn't even be concerned. Humans, however, do cause me concern. I would take precautions against them.

    Generally yeah. I’ve had a couple here. But if warnings have been issued there may be a problem bear in the area.

  10. 2 hours ago, Assassin said:

    I would not piss off a bear with a 45 acp. It may be a man stopper, it's not a bear stopper. Carry one of those air horns, bears don't like the loud noise, and it will alert others in your area. Then, authorities will know where to retrieve the body. :o  Bears stay away from humans for the most part, make lots of noise, take a good dog.

    A few years back a guy killed a Grizzly in Glacier Natnl Park with a 1911.

    (I know of a fella who kilt one on Kodak Island with a Buck 110. I wouldn’t recommend it though)
    There are no Grizz in NV. Take the Glock.

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  11. 16 hours ago, Seamus McGillicuddy said:

    The snipe hunting references remind me of an instance in John Masters excellent memoir “Bugles and A Tiger” about his adventures as a young subaltern in the old Indian Army in the 1930s. During a snipe hunt while his fellow officers were shooting dozens of birds he shot terribly and went through boxes of shells but only hitting a couple of birds. Naturally his fellows made him and his marksmanship the butt of many jokes after that disaster. Shortly after that the battalion was deployed to the frontier while he was left behind with a few men to watch over the base.  At that time a man eating tiger showed up in the local village and killed several people. Masters heroically set out with an issue .303 Enfield to slay the beast and was successful, killing it just as it was trying to strike again. He was lauded and celebrated by the villagers as a true hero and basked in the glory. News of his feat quickly found its way to the frontier and his battalion.  Instead of receiving congratulations he was immediately bombarded by a series of anxious sounding messages from fellow officers expressing concerns about the state of supply of .303 ammunition at the base and whether any might still remain following his recent successful hunting expedition. Soldiers of every army have a lot in common and this story illustrates one trait rather nicely. Masters by the way is an outstanding writer and this memoir and his WWI trilogy beginning with “Now God be Thanked” are my favorites. 




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