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  1. You know where you are at after surgery, but if you can lift a revolver and have access to five of them you could shoot in the Josey Wales Category.
  2. Where is said shooter list??
  3. A bunch of reprobates on Posse 10 as well. I would have felt right at home!
  4. Lucky, You are all good to go. And we have you signed up as a Duelist. I am not sure how accurate the squadding is on Practiscore and would not trust it to be finalized even if you could pull it up. More news to come as we finish this up.
  5. The rumor is the posse lists were almost complete when Branchwater released the information of the posse marshals singing. The news created a huge number of posse change requests. Strangely most of them were the posse marshals.. More information soon.
  6. Anybody that ends up on Sidekick's or Tombstone's posses please insist that they sing them. Their voices are truly magical.
  7. The State match attendance for "Shootout at Cavern Cove" allows us to shoot 1 wave. The attendance for the Regional Match "Ambush at Cavern Cove" necessitates 2 waves.
  8. Updated shooters list. 1 week to go until Farmageddon breaks loose! Alchemist Belle Appalucy Ara Tiest Bad Bud Ketchum Badlands Bob Bama Cowboy Barkeep Casey Ben T. Iron Big Iron Ranger Blackjack Lee Blaze Dawson Bluff Bogus Jim Branchwater Jack Buck O. Billy Bushrod Buster Cahawba Kid Canoe Creek Kid Cardboard Cowboy Cardiac Kate Cleve Col. Falcon Tuscarora Cotton Mouth Cole Crawdaddy Crazy Case Deacon KC Deadwood Woody Derringer Di Diamond Jake Dirt Road Dude Dobber Doc Misalot Doc Roy L. Pain Doc Southerly Dodge City Dixie Donald Duke Drake Robey Dungannon Gunner El Camino El Viejo Lobo Emmett Moon English Tom Fast Eddie Foxy Filly G W Ketchum Garnet Gal Graver Bill Graywolf Tate Hanso Lowe Hopalong Mac McLin Horse Doc Hunter Sam Hurricane Charly Iron Maiden Jasper Jack Joaquin Kennasaw Kid Kontankerous Tee Krazy Kajun Lawman Mark Lefty Young Gun Long Arm Levi Long Colt Tommy Long Wolf Loose Cinch Lucky Lead Pepper Marshal TKD Max Payne May B. Knott Mister Badly Mustang Dave News Carver Ocoee Red Ophelia Payne Owl Eye Olga Pecos Pete Picket PickPocket Kate Pinky Buscadero Pistoleer Poncho PowderMark Preacherman Purly Randy Saint Eagle Ranger Dan Reno Mustang River City Bly Ruff Kut Sapphire Rose Sassy Teton Lady Schofield Twin Scotch Before Noon Scrub Oak Willie Sgt Hampton Shagbark Steve Shiner Bock Bob Sidekick Sketchy Sue Slow Jen Smart * Stagecoach Shell Steady Habit Steelshot Scott Sunny Girl Suttie Tennessee Jake Tennessee Tombstone Tennessee Williams Timber Steel Tombstone John Toolman Trail Bandit Tuff Stuff Tullamore Dew Two Step Net Uncle Ethan Waco Jim Whiskey Creek Johnson Wild Phil Hickok Willy Joe Yazoo City Gal Yohan
  9. This is actual video of Krazy Kajun trying to cast the anti-vodoo spell. His mistake is believed to have opened up the rift letting the ghost chickens loose on our world.
  10. It is a literal Farmageddon at Cavern Cove. From what I can piece together this is what happened at the SE Regional last year. With the help of a DIY vodoo book that Tennessee Williams found in a thrift store he placed a powerful curse on a bucket full of chicken feet and placed them around the range. If this wasn't bad enough along comes Krazy Kajun saying that he learned anti-vodoo from his days in the bayou, and he tries to break the powerful curse. It might have even worked but witnesses say that Kajun either slurred the words or misspoke them. Since the SE Regional strange sightings, apparitions and full-blown poltergeists have been reported. And mystics are now reporting that the ghost chickens are attacking in earnest in just 10 days. We are assembling some of the best gunslingers this side of the Pecos to hold off this Farmaggedon.
  11. ALIAS Hopalong Mac McLin River City Bly Crazy Case Buck O. Billy Drake Robey Ruff Kut Bogus Jim Big Iron Ranger PowderMark Long Colt Tommy Diamond Jake Badlands Bob Krazy Kajun Deacon KC Cotton Mouth Cole Waco Jim Dungannon Gunner Mister Badly Owl Eye Olga Trail Bandit Uncle Ethan G W Ketchum Wild Phil Hickok Reno Mustang Dodge City Dixie Deadwood Woody Sassy Teton Lady El Camino Lawman Mark Max Payne Ophelia Payne Fast Eddie Mustang Dave Steelshot Scott Stagecoach Shell Long Wolf Barkeep Casey Smart * Cardiac Kate Steady Habit Cleve Horse Doc Dobber Cahawba Kid Shiner Bock Bob Doc Misalot Buster Sunny Girl Kennasaw Kid Bama Cowboy Emmett Moon Shagbark Steve Willy Joe EnglishTom Suttie PickPocket Kate Marshal TKD Tullamore Dew Scotch Before Noon Sketchy Sue Hunter Sam Bad Bud Ketchum Preacherman Cardboard Cowboy Foxy Filly Doc Roy L. Pain Pinky Buscadero Tombstone John Picket Tennessee Tombstone Branchwater Jack Alchemist Belle Donald Duke Graver Bill Lefty Young Gun Jasper Jack Yohan Sapphire Rose Scrub Oak Willie Garnet Gal Hurricane Charly Slow Jen Purly Pistoleer Graywolf Tate Whiskey Creek Johnson Pecos PetePoncho Kontankerous Tee Bushrod Ocoee Red Loose Cinch Appalucy Schofield Twin Randy Saint Eagle Lucky Lead Pepper Crawdaddy Ranger Dan May B. Knott El Viejo Lobo Bluff Yazoo City Gal Doc Southerly News Carver Dirt Road Dude Tennessee Jake Ben T. Iron Ara Tiest Col. Falcon Tuscarora Toolman Timber Steel Hanso Lowe Joaquin Tennessee Williams Blaze Dawson Long Arm Levi Derringer Di Sgt Hampton
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